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  • The tour meets at the exit of the Dupleix Métro station (line 6). Look for our 'Fat Tire Tours' sign.

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Tour Highlights

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  • Expand/Collapse Where is the meeting point?

    The tour meets at the exit of the Dupleix Métro station (line 6). Look for our 'Fat Tire Tours' sign.

  • Expand/Collapse What cycling skill level do I need for this tour?

    While all of our tours maintain a leisurely pace, we want our guests to have fun and be safe, so being able to ride a bike is paramount.

    Our Paris Day Bike Tour is perfect for novice bike riders or those that haven't been on a bike in years, You should have average balance, be able to start and stop comfortably, and be familiar with hand brakes. We will be riding on bike lanes, through parks, and occasionally with traffic. Safety is our number one priority but confidence in yourself is the first step to overall group safety.

    If you're not sure how you'll fare, we invite you to come to our office about 30 minutes prior to your tour start time to try the bikes.

  • Expand/Collapse What are your bike options?

    You can view our bike options here.

  • Expand/Collapse Is this tour appropriate for children?

    Yes! Our Paris Day Bike Tour is a wonderful way for kids to discover Paris. You can use this bike chart to help you reserve the appropriate bicycles for your little ones. Please keep in mind that children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult on the tour.

    • For children up to 10 years old or weighing under 32kg (70lbs), we have two-wheeled tag-along tandems. The child passenger sits on a seat and can pedal or coast. All riders weighing over 32kg (70lbs) must ride their own bicycle. This is not an option for adults or anyone over the weight or age limit.
    • We have various sized city bikes to accommodate just about every size of rider, from extra small 20 inch wheeled bikes for riders that are 3.3ft (100cm) to extra large for riders up to 6.5ft (198cm).
    • Unfortunately, we do not have adult tricycles, adult tandems, or bikes with training wheels for adults or children that may be less confident in their riding ability.
    • There is no additional charge for trailers, tandems or baby seats. Due to limited availability, please book baby seats, trailers, tandems, 20” and 24” wheeled bikes in advance. 
    • Please Note: All extra small 20 inch and small 24 inch bikes are equipped with hand brakes.
    • Our city tours are very casual, with only slight elevation changes on varying surfaces including smooth gravel and pavement. It is necessary, however, that any person participating in our bike tours have at least some bike riding experience, and should be comfortable riding in a group.


  • Expand/Collapse Is a helmet included?

    In Paris adults are not obliged to wear a helmet, however they are mandatory for children under 12. We have helmets of all sizes available in our office.

  • Expand/Collapse Can we buy water at your office?

    Yes! We have a cold water in our office, and all of our bikes come equipped with luggage racks so that you can take it with you on tour.



  • Expand/Collapse Is this tour offered in any other languages, or only English?

    All scheduled tours are in English, but private tours can be scheduled in other languages.


  • Expand/Collapse Do we go inside the museums and monuments?

    Unfortunately, 3.5 hours does not give us enough time to enter any of the sites that we see on our Day Bike Tour.  This tour is designed to enjoy the city from a broad perspective and come away with a greater understanding of its history and layout.  After the tour, however, we have lots of information in our office in regards to museum opening times and the best way to see them.  Your tour doesn't end when the biking is over; we are also a full-service English helpdesk ready to answer your questions!

  • Expand/Collapse Can I leave the tour early?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate special requests like this on our public tours.  Once the tour begins we ask that you stay with the guide and the group until the end.  If you're interested in something shorter, please inquire about a private tour.

  • Expand/Collapse How long is the ride?

    Our Paris Day Bike Tour covers approximately 6.5 miles (10.5 km).


  • Expand/Collapse What is your cancellation policy?

    We are happy to offer full refunds for our Day Bike Tour if the reservation is cancelled more than 72 hours (3 days) before the scheduled tour. Bookings of 10 or more passengers require seven days notice for cancellations or rescheduling.


    • Reservations may be rescheduled subject to availability.
    • Fat Tire Tours will reschedule reservations free of charge for requests submitted at least 72 hours in advance. 
    • For requests submitted within 72 hours, the following fees will apply:
      • 15% rescheduling fee for requests submitted within 48 to 72 hours of the scheduled tour departure time
      • 25% rescheduling fee for requests submitted within 24 to 48 hours of the scheduled tour departure time
      • 50% rescheduling fee for requests submitted within 24 hours of the scheduled tour departure time
  • Expand/Collapse What is your weather policy?

    Our tours run rain or shine, and we have rain ponchos available for purchase in our office for anyone that needs them. We will gladly buy the ponchos back if they are not used during your tour. We encourage all guests to consult the weather forecast and to dress accordingly.


  • Expand/Collapse What is the number to call if I am lost and trying to find the meeting point?

    If you are having difficulty finding the meeting location for your tour, please call us at + and our staff will be happy to help you find your way.

  • Expand/Collapse My group size is larger than the dropdown menu allows, how can I book?

    If you would like to book a larger group, please contact our Private Tours team at [email protected].

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