Partner Adult Cruiser / City Bike (from Alexanderplatz)

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Adult Cruiser/City Bike Rental from Alexanderplatz

Our Cruiser and City-style Bikes are perfect for cruising around the city.  They come with comfortable seats, easy to use gears, and of course are super stylish!


    • Beach cruiser or City-style bike with easy gears and comfy seat
    • Free use of WiFi in our shop
    • Bag & Luggage storage while you're riding
    • Luggage straps available to carry smaller items on the bike
    • Reservations for rental bikes are highly recommended.  Don’t risk showing up to a sold-out shop- our bike rentals have the same no-hassle 72-hour cancellation policy so you can book without hesitation.
    • You will get an instant confirmation after booking online- just start by selecting your pick-up date, number of bikes, and how long you would like to keep them (Partners may choose from 4-hour, 6-hour, or day-long rentals).
    • Once you have your bike, feel free to keep it longer and just pay the difference whenever you return.  It’s that easy- just please note our shop’s opening and seasonal hours for when you can pick up and return bikes.
    • We have a full range of kid’s bikes and equipment such as seats and tag-a-longs.  Please contact our office to reserve kids' equipment.
    • Our staff is multi-lingual and happy to help you in any way possible when you pick up your bike.
  • You'll pick up your bike at our fully-stocked shop, centrally located at the base of the giant TV Tower (Fernsehturm) in Alexanderplatz.  It's fast and easy to find, and a great place to start your Berlin exploration by bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Expand/Collapse Are the bikes easy to use, even if I haven’t cycled in a while?

    Oh yes.  We have easy-to-use and comfortable city-style and cruiser-style bikes.  You will feel safe and secure not to mention comfortable when riding around.

  • Expand/Collapse Are reservations required to rent a bike?

    Reservations are needed to make sure that your bikes are reserved, as well as to receive your Partner rate.

  • Expand/Collapse What if I want to keep the bike longer, or can’t make it back on time?

    Don’t sweat.  Our customers frequently keep their bikes longer than expected because they are so much fun to ride in Berlin.  If you keep your bike longer than you rented, just come back when you are done and you can pay the remainder of any extra rental time when you get back- no need to do anything more.  Please note our shop times so that you know we are open when you do come back.

  • Expand/Collapse Is biking in Berlin safe?

    Yes, and it really is the best way to see the city.  Bike lanes are all over the place, and if not, just ride in the street like a local- you will make lots of cycling friends!

  • Expand/Collapse Will my pants get dirty when they touch the chain?

    No, our bikes have chain guards so your pants won’t come in contact with the chain at all.

  • Expand/Collapse Do you have baskets on the bikes?

    All of our bikes have a luggage rack on the back, and we have straps in our shop for you to use.  If you are carrying something like extra coats or small items, this will be perfect for you.  We have a luggage room free of charge if you would like to leave larger bags with us while you cycle.

  • Expand/Collapse Do I need to leave a deposit?

    Yes, but it’s very easy.  You can either leave your picture ID, driver’s license, or a credit card number with us in the shop.  Just let us know which when you come to pick up your bike.  At that same time we have a short disclaimer for you to sign.

  • Expand/Collapse How do I lock up the bike?

    Included with your rental is a cable lock that you can use to lock your bike securely, even if you are keeping it overnight.  Our adult bikes also come with frame locks as well, so you will be very safe and secure.  We will show you how everything works when you pick up your bike.

  • Expand/Collapse What happens if I get a flat?

    Flats, while rare, do happen.  With any bike sometimes things break, so we will get you back up and running as quickly as possible.  If you aren’t near our shop, just bring your bike back on the train, just remember to validate a bike ticket for the fare.  We will reimburse this to you when you get back.

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