Private Dachau Memorial Tour

Private Dachau Memorial Tour

The Dachau Concentration Camp was used by the Nazis as a model camp, and was the first concentration camp opened in Germany shortly after they achieved power.  Now, visiting the memorial grounds leaves a powerful impression on this very dark chapter of Germany’s history.

This tour delves into not just the inner workings of the Dachau Concentration Camp in particular, but also the broader subject of how the Nazis achieved power, why the Nazis built these camps, and what is being done to memorialize the victims.

Your authorized native English-speaking guide will be with you throughout, detailing the history, showing the various exhibits, and answering any questions you may have.

    • Transportation to & from the memorial
    • Please bring comfortable walking shoes as the grounds of the memorial are extensive.
    • Should you like to enjoy lunch on the tour, please bring a sandwich or bag lunch with you.
    • There are also kiosks in the Munich central station where you can buy something before the tour departs.
    • While there is no mandatory age limit, some of the content is heavy and the displays graphic, so parental discretion is encouraged.  Your tour guide can help make recommendations or steer families with young participants to more appropriate areas.
  • Our shop is just off Karlsplatz 4 (Stachus), the bustling square between the Main Train Station (Hauptbahnhof) and Marienplatz. At the Karlsplatz fountain with your back to Karlstor and the pedestrian shopping street, turn right along Sonnenstrasse. After 50 meters, you will see our shop in the courtyard of Karlsplatz 4, on the right-hand side. The closest metro station is Karlsplatz (Stachus).

Tour Highlights

  • Explore the Dachau concentration camp grounds, including the main gate, bath house, barracks, registration area, prison, and more.

  • Discuss, when visiting the gas chamber and crematorium, the grim fate that awaited many of the prisoners.

  • See the perimeter fence, watch towers, and main gate with the infamous “Arbeit Macht Frei” inscription.

  • Understand how Germany is dealing with its past and how victims are memorialized.

  • Realize what happened to both specific groups of prisoners as well as famous captives.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Expand/Collapse Can I have a more detailed breakdown of the day?

    Sure. Your guide will be waiting for you at the prominent Coffee Fellows café. He/She will have the transportation tickets you’ll need to get to and from the memorial grounds. There will be some time to grab a sandwich and drink, should you like, at the various kiosks in the central train station before boarding your train to the memorial.  Once having arrived at the Dachau train station, you will board a public bus for the last leg to the former concentration camp grounds.

    Your guide will help explain how the Nazis came to power and what their sinister purpose of the concentration camp and extermination camp network was.  You will also explore the grounds of the memorial grounds, accompanied by your official authorized guide the entire time.  He/She will also answer questions you may have.  There is also a brief color documentary you can watch, in addition to the myriad of displays designed to help make sense of the atrocities that occurred here.

    At the end of the tour you and your guide will board the bus and then the train back to central Munich.


  • Expand/Collapse Where is the meeting point for the tour?

    The Dachau Memorial sightseeing tour meets inside Munich Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) on second floor (mezzanine level) at Coffee Fellows, next to Burger King. Your tour guide will be at the front of the Coffee Fellows cafe. Please note that there is a Burger King outside central train station on the corner; the tour does not meet there but rather next to the Burger King inside Munich Central Station.

  • Expand/Collapse Is this tour appropriate for children?

    The content of the tour is understandably heavy.  We have had many kids join the tour, and particularly those that have already studied the content in school find it very impactful and informative. The graphic displays and their content, however, will need to be judged for appropriateness by parents.

  • Expand/Collapse Can I bring my own lunch?

    Please bring the food you desire before the tour leaves the Munich central station, as there are limited food options near the memorial grounds.


  • Expand/Collapse What should I bring with me on the tour?

    Please wear comfortable shoes as there is quite a bit of walking at the memorial grounds.  Bringing an extra layer or rain jacket is always a good idea, as Munich is famous for experiencing all four seasons in one day.


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