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Whether you're enjoying a jog along the promenade, a picnic in Woldenberg Park, or experiencing the river from The Natchez steamboat, the "Mighty Mississippi" boasts centuries of history for you to explore.

Officially the fourth longest river in the world adn the longest in North America, this river has played a crucial role throughout United States history. Stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to Lake Itasca in Minnesota, this river has been utilized for hundreds of years. The banks of the river in modern-day New Orleans were first settled by Native Americans, specifically the ancestors of the Natchez and Taensa nations. At the peak of Manifest Destiny, the belief that the European settlers in the U.S. were destined to expand across North America, the river and many of its tributaries formed pathways to make way for this expansion. 

The Mississippi River and its basin is one of the most fertile agricultural regions in the entire United States. During the Civil War, the river's capture by Union forces marked a major turning point in their victory.