• Old U.S. Mint

Tour the Old U.S. Mint

Today, this historic building has many functions: the Louisiana Historical Center is located on the third floor, a New Orleans Jazz exhibit, Newcomb Pottery and Crafts, daily jazz concerts, and future home of the Louisiana Music Museum. 

Opened in 1835, it boasts the title as the only building in the United States to have served as both a U.S. Mint and a Confederate Mint. Minting began a short time before Louisiana seceded from the Union and the state quicly seized the property and transferred it to the Confederate Army. Following the Civil War, the mint resumed its job until 1909. In the late 1960's, the building was transferred to the state of Louisiana and two decades later, it opened to the public as a state museum complex. 

Located at the intersection of the French Quarter and Frenchmen Street, the Old U.S. Mint remains a crucial part of New Orleans culture and Louisiana state history.