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Fat Tire Paris Expat Ambassador Program

Paris is the most magical city in the world, and as a company built of expats ourselves, we know what it's like taking the leap and moving to the City of Light. With unparalleled culture, museums, and food - the Paris lifestyle is certainly "a moveable feast" and constantly manages to inspire us. Moving to Paris can feel overwhelming, there is simply so much to see and do! For expats living in Paris, our tours offer a wonderful introduction to the city and a great chance to meet fellow expats and travelers. Even if you have been here for years we can assure you that you will learn something new and have so much fun with us – whether it be on a bike ride through the Loire Valley, or picnicking  along the Seine in Giverny. 

Our Expat Ambassador Program is free to join and unlocks exclusive discounts and benefits with Fat Tire Tours. The only requirements are that you live in Paris and have joined us for at least three tours. A great advantage of being a Fat Tire Expat Ambassador is that in addition to getting your own discounts with us, any guests you bring with you on tour will also receive a discount along with your personal discount amount increasing! We know there is nothing better than having friends and family visit from home, and a tour with us is a fabulous way to enhance their stay. With our 17 years of experience guiding visitors around Paris, you'll be able to focus of enjoying your limited time with your guests, and leave the historical and entertaining anecdotes, organization, and itinerary to us. 

We have been perfecting our tours since 1999 and hope to be the friendly face to help guide you around your adopted home!


Once you’re approved as an Ambassador, you will receive the following benefits:

  • 50% off for Ambassadors when traveling with guests
  • 20% off for Ambassadors’ tours when traveling without guests
  • 20% off for Ambassadors’ guests’ tours

You will use a personalized discount code online when you make reservations, which will give you and your guests 20% off. Bring your Ambassador card with you to the office the day of your tour to receive a reimbursement for another 30% off for Ambassadors (bringing you to a total of 50% off)! 

Requirements to become a Fat Tire Expat Ambassador

1. Be an expat living in Paris

2. Take at least 3 Fat Tire tours

3. Apply below


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