Visit Canterbury

Wednesday March 13th 2019

The morning train ride  to this ancient city travels through some of the most beautiful countryside in England, as Kent is known as the ‘garden of England’. Canterbury is of course the destination for the pilgrims in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, but it is this because of the famous incident in its cathedral back in December of 1170 when the Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket was murdered by knights sent from King Henry II. Made a Saint later, Henry was forced to perform humiliating penance before the martyr’s tomb.During the Reformation, the shrine was destroyed, but it is still a pilgrimage destination for many.

In addition to this history, Canterbury is a lovely town for walking around whether on the old town walls or along the lovely creek that flows through the city. A day spent in Canterbury will be relaxing as well as spiritual as we will follow the ‘pilgrim’s path’ and come home with a few tales of our own.

  • Adults €1.00
    Students €1.00
  • TBD
    • This excursion is limited to 35 people.
    • This excursion departs at TBD.