Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

Visit Windsor Castle

Wednesday March 13th 2019

Originally built by William the Conqueror, one day’s ride from the Tower of London, Windsor is, today, one of the official homes of the Queen and is rumored to be her favorite palace. You will leave London by train for a short ride into the English countryside before getting off at Windsor. You will then take a tour through the state rooms, see one of the world’s most elaborate dollhouses, while exploring the beautiful grounds, impressive battlements and St. George’s chapel.

You’ll eat lunch in the charming village of Windsor outside the castle walls and spend the rest of the day exploring the village, going to Eaton, one of the world’s most prestigious high schools and gain an experience seeing the world’s oldest castle occupied by a continuous line of monarchs.

  • Adults €1.00
    Students €1.00
  • TBD
    • This excursion is limited to 50 people.
    • This excursion departs at TBD.