Upcoming Transportation Strikes, Street Closures & Special Events in Paris

Occasionally there are special events or transportation strikes in Paris that affect travel time and can cause delays when trying to get from place to place. We hope to provide you with the most up-to-date information in order to ensure a seamless journey to or through Paris so you can focus on enjoying the City of Light!

April - June 2018

Starting April 3rd through June 28th: National French rail strikes

  • Tours will not be affected, but please allow extra travel time to arrive at our meeting point if your tour takes place during a strike day. There may be some delays on the train portion of our Versailles Bike and VIP Versailles Bike tours, but the tour will continue on as normal. A calendar of strike days is available in the link below.
  • The French rail unions have announced 37 days of worker strikes that will take place over three months, starting in April and lasting through June. You can view a calendar with exact strike dates here.
  • Allow extra travel time to and from destinations. The métro will be busier than usual and may run less frequently.
  • Local taxis may be more difficult to find. Uber is available in Paris and is not affected by the strikes.
  • Book transportation in advance if traveling to or from the airport during a strike day.
  • The Eurostar will not be affected by these strikes. 

April 2018

April 8th: Paris Marathon

  • None of our tours are affected, but allow for extra travel time to arrive at our meeting point.
  • The marathon departs from the Champs Elysée and circles back along the right bank of the Seine; opt for the métro and avoid taxis as several roads around the river will be closed down in the morning.

April 15th: The Color Run Paris

  • None of our tours are affected, but allow for extra travel time to arrive at our meeting point.
  • The run departs from Hôtel de Ville between 9:00am - 12:00pm and finishes at Pont d'Iéna/Trocadero.
  • Several roads may be closed or busier than usual. We suggest taking the métro instead of a taxi and allow plenty of extra travel time to reach your destination.

June 2018

June 21st: Fête de la Musique

  • Affected Tours: Due to city-wide celebrations, we will not be offering our Night Bike Tour or any other Paris-based tours that run in the evening. Our office will close at 4pm on this day. 
  • On this day, stages will spring up all over the city with live music and dancing.
  • The streets and public transport will be busier than usual, so allow extra travel time. We suggest traveling via foot when possible on this day, which will also allow you to enjoy the celebrations! 

July 2018

July 14th: Bastille Day

  • Affected Tours: Due to the city-wide celebrations, we will not be offering the following regularly scheduled tours on this day: Paris Day Bike Tour, Paris Night Bike Tour, Paris Day & Night Segway Tour, and all Eiffel Tower Tours.
  • A military parade will be happening along the Champs Elysées from 10am-12pm.
  • On July 13-14, the firehalls in Paris open their doors to the general public for the annual 'firefighter balls'. Admission is usually a few euros, and you can party with the firemen of Paris! Be sure to get there early to avoid long queues.
  • Paris will host its annual fireworks show from the Eiffel Tower. Be sure to get to the Champs de Mars before 6pm in order to secure a spot in the park, or seek out a good vantage point where you will be able to see the fireworks. They are scheduled to kick off at 11pm with a concert kicking off a couple hours prior.

July 29th: Final day of the Tour de France

  • Affected Tours: We will not be operating any Paris-based tours on this day.
  • The Tour de France will be arriving in Paris on July 29th for the last leg of this 3-week race. The riders will be entering Paris from the south, arriving sometime after 6pm.
  • Tip: Find a seat in the Tuileries garden looking out over Place de la Concorde for a great view of the final stage of the race! You can also try and find a place along the Champs Elysée, but you'll need to get there early.

September 2018

September 9th: La Parisienne Run

  • Affected Tours: Our Paris Day Bike Tour and our Paris Segway Tour will take alternate routes to 'cross' the Champs de Mars area, but the tour duration and sites will not be affected.
  • The Champs de Mars and the surrounding area will be closed for the morning and the early afternoon.

September 30th: Paris-Versailles La Grande Classique

  • The area surrounding the Eiffel Tower will be closed all morning. Opt for métro in lieu of a taxi.

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