Berlin Area Guides: Friedrichshain

By Barbora Vojče

This is a series of blogs written Barbora, a relative newcomer to Berlin, about her first impressions in Berlin’s various districts. 


After several months of grim winter, the spring is here. With it, the entire Friedrichshain neighbourhood is alive again. I was slowly walking along the street with a friend, when I realized how much I had missed the steady of people wandering about, sitting on the bar and restaurant terrace tables, or just standing on the street with friends and chilling.

Friedrichshain, with its countless places to go out for a drink or dinner, to artsy shops, and hipsters riding their grandmas’ bikes make it an amazing place to live for me. It’s been nearly four months since I moved here and in this warm April evening I finally see it in its full glory. Tonight there is an important football match and the excited fans are sitting in the bars, watching it on big projection screens in every corner. I can smell different kinds of food every few meters, which would be really tempting if I wasn’t saving myself for the bio-vegan ice cream from that shop next to my house, where we always go.

There are people sitting on benches and on the grass in the middle of BoxhagenerPlatz. This place is usually so crowded on Sunday afternoons with people drawn to its lively yet bohemian flee market. They sell plenty of stuff from old books, clothes, all kinds of artistic things, to objects that make you wonder as to their purpose, or who the hell even buys them!


Not far from the centre, Friedrichshain offers a big variety of activities, especially in the evening. After dinner, you can visit concerts, jam sessions, or go wild with electronic music in one of its underground clubs, typical for Berlin.

Great for concerts, jam sessions, and parties – http://www.badehaus-berlin.com/

Nice dance club with mainly electronic music – http://www.yelp.com/biz/s%C3%BCss-war-gestern-berlin

Ah, unfortunately I have to move out in a few days. Who knows, maybe my next post will be about Prenzlauer Berg…

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