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"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can offer"

Dr. Johnson may have said these famous words way back in 1777, but they are just as true now as they have ever been. Be it art, culture, history or just plain old fun, our city really does have it all.  Spread along the banks of the majestic Thames, London is a city as beautiful as it is interesting. With world famous sites and galleries, culinary delights and nearly 200 years of culture, London has something for everyone.

From its beginnings as a Roman outpost, London has survived war, fire and pestilence to grow into what is undoubtedly a world capital. As a centre of commerce, it has long been a major player and has evolved into a true melting pot for the senses. It is a city where you can leave the lobby of an ultra-modern skyscraper, turn a corner and find yourself confronted with a thousand-year-old castle. You can have lunch in a 400-year-old pub and have dinner in newly opened restaurant. London is a constantly evolving place where the ancient and the state-of-the-art sit side by side.

London’s beginnings can be found in an area known officially as the City of London, and from here it has spread out in all directions slowly linking what were once small villages and towns into a 600 square mile sprawling metropolis. Where the Tower of London once stood at the very edge of the city, with green fields surrounding it, it is now firmly in the centre of things. To walk its medieval ramparts today is to be greeted with views unimaginable to those who built it. The world-famous Tower Bridge, the slick 20th century City Hall and the WW2 era HMS Belfast all sit within easy reach of the stone walls originally built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century. To walk around London is to see history reveal itself.

Getting around London can seem daunting to the uninitiated however there is one great fact that all locals know well; if you’ve got enough time you can walk (or cycle!) anywhere. We are blessed not only with the hustle and bustle of a major city, but also with the green and pleasant landscapes of The Royal Parks. Often described as the lungs of the city, these former Royal hunting grounds and pleasure gardens allow locals and tourists alike to get away from the crowds and enjoy some peace. Each Royal Park has its own unique feel to it, so from the peace and tranquillity of Kensington Gardens to the boating lake and open air concerts of Hyde Park, there is always somewhere to go and enjoy a few hours of nature.

Being royal in their founding, many of the parks are still intrinsically linked to the pomp and ceremony of The Royal Family. Buckingham Palace sits surrounded by green spaces, Kensington Palace is actually within Kensington Gardens and it is by no means unusual to see those regiments involved with The Changing of The Guard making their way back to the barracks through St James’s Park. They are the perfect place to relax, people watch, and maybe even spot a Royal out and about.


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London may be many things, but above all it is a river city.  The banks of the Thames are still lined with some of our most important and beautiful sites. The Houses of Parliament with its famed clock tower and bell (known worldwide as Big Ben) sit on its banks as does the ever-popular London Eye. A walk east from the eye will take you past the awe-inspiring dome of St Paul’s Cathedral, The Tate Modern (a former power station turned world renowned art gallery), past the beautifully reconstructed Shakespeare’s Globe, and into the cobbled streets that surround Borough Market and the infamous London Bridge. The market itself dates back to at least 1014.  With that much experience, it is little wonder that it is one of Europe’s best lunch spots.

Markets have been a huge part of our history, and there may be no better way to spend a Sunday than exploring the vibrant and unique wares on sale in Spitalfields or Brick Lane, where people have shopped for hundreds of years. Street performers and food stalls appear every weekend in these areas and serve as a reminder of the wonderful, multicultural make up of our city.  

There is so much to be said about our city, but no amount of words can ever really do it justice. Our best advise really is to come and see for yourself. Whether you are here for the pubs, the museums, the culture or just to soak up the atmosphere, you won’t be disappointed.

What are the Best Things to See and Do in London, England?

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of one of the world’s most iconic and beautiful cities! Whether you’re visiting London for the first time or looking to learn more about the city’s landmarks, our local guides will take you on a remarkable adventure.

Enjoy stunning scenery and visit must-see places such as the breathtaking River Thames, or get a glimpse of the royal life by visiting the Kensington and Buckingham Palaces in addition to many more world famous attractions!

Visit Top London Attractions on a Fat Tire Tours Bike, Walking, or Bus Tour

Explore the city at a leisurely pace on a London bike or walking tour led by a local guide who’ll take you to prominent attractions and hidden gems. Our tours will help you efficiently cover ground so you can explore the city and spend more time at each location.

Choose from a variety of options that let you spend anywhere from two and a half hours to an entire day sightseeing in London. One of our favorite ways to tour London is to taste our way through it! Join us on our West End Beer Tasting Pub Tour and East London Market & Pub Tour to walk through some of London’s most loved markets and pubs, where you can easily find yourself enjoying some of the latest contemporary eats in vintage, historic settings. 

When booking a London tour with Fat Tire Tours, you’re also getting:

  • An information-packed guided tour led by local, English speaking guides passionate about London’s history and quirks
  • A fun, safe and adventurous way to see London
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