Calling All Chocolate Lovers

By Marriette Rough

Germany may not be as famous as it’s next door neighbour Switzerland for its chocolate but it is still has some pretty tasty morsels to offer. What better way to consume calories than chocolate and Berlin has two amazing chocolate shops just a street away from one another, so you can just roll from one to the next.

The first is Fassbender and Rausch. This chocolate heaven is located on one corner of Berlin’s most beautiful square, Gendarmenmarkt. Upstairs they have a chocolate restaurant offering soups, entrees and mains dishes featuring fine chocolates and fine cocoa flavours. The main shop is a wonderful bazaar of all things chocolate. If you are searching for gifts for family back home, this is the place to come. They offer chocolate covered fruit and nut as well as huge blocks of chocolate to gnaw upon. All over the shop they have gargantuan chocolate Berlin landmarks, like the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. They look delicious but I am sure they are covered in varnish, so keep your paws off.

They have a range of chocolate, where the cocoa comes from individual plantations from across the globe including; Peru, Madagascar and Papua New Guinea. All of the suppliers are engaged in ecologically sound cocoa production. So you need not feel doubly guilty when you are gobbling them down.

Back in 1863 Heinrich Fassbender opened his Chocolatiers in Mohrenstrasse, it was so popular that it was deemed worthy of supplying the royal court. Then in 1918 Wilhelm Rausch also opened a series of renowned chocolate shops. Many years later in 1999 the heirs of these chocolate thrones, decided to combine forces and create the most famous Chocolatiers in the city.

Location: Charlotten Str 60 (Directly at Gendarmenmarkt)

Next for our chocolate-lovers is Rittersport. This square shaped bar is one of the most consumed in the country. A couple called Alfred and Clara Ritter started the company in 1912. In 1932 the iconic square tablet of chocolate came into play, when Clara suggested they make a bar which would fit in to the pocket of every sports jacket without breaking. I personally love the irony of connecting chocolate to sport.

They have 33 types of chocolate bar including my favourite marzipan, as well as strawberry yoghurt, cornflakes and noisette. Every year they invent a couple of wild card bars that our only available on limited edition.

In their shop ‘Chocoworld’ they have every single type, meaning you may be carrying very heavy bags when you leave. If you get back to your hotel and feel like you didn’t get quite enough you can always order more online. They also have a cafe and an education centre where kids can learn all they need about chocolate. Most impressively for a few euros you can pick all your favourite ingredients and they will make your own personal chocolate bar, right there and then. So if you always wanted a chili flake and gummi bear chocolate bar, now is your chance.

Location: Französische Strasse 24 (Directly at Gendarmenmarkt)

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