The Best Places To Catch Live Music in Berlin

By Dan Haak

The Berlin entertainment scene is renowned as being one of the world’s most vibrant, but if you’ve only got a little time here you might find it also pretty inaccessible. Berlin nightclubs are often unlisted with no sign at all and have door policies that range from the super-strict to the super-chill. Live music venues feature random touring bands that nobody has ever heard of playing genres that got invented last week. If you’re lacking someone to show you the ropes there’s a few websites that can help find something perfect for you, here’s a few of the main ones.

Techno/Dance – Restrealitaet.de

The best parties in town are always the secret ones. Restrealitaet  features a forum where all of Berlin’s underground party promoters and DJs post their events, making it a great listing of the most subterranean of raves and parties here in Berlin. The lesser connected can go straight to Resident Advisor and find an invite or two, but when you’re looking for something more exotic, Restrealitaet is better.

Live music – Blitzgigs.de

A DIY effort from some Berlin expats (including a couple former Fat Tire Bike Tours employees!), Blitzgigs has been running since 2010 and consistently lists every live music concert in Berlin. You’ll find gig information for everything from jazz to electro, classical to punk & indie at Blitzgigs, along with ticket information and detailed maps for each venue. The English speaking editors pick highlight gigs for each day and each band’s genre is clearly listed, so you can’t go wrong even if you just got off the plane.

Jazz Experimental – Echtzeitmusik.de

Documenting Berlin’s flourishing jazz & experimental scene is this obscure website listing some of the city’s most creatively inspired concerts. The venues covered can range from large jazz halls to tiny lounge room gigs, so if you follow their recommendations you’re absolutely going to find sounds & places that are both amazing and totally unique to Berlin. While the website itself isn’t terribly colourful, the shows they concern themselves with certainly are.

Punk / Counter-culture – Stressfaktor.squat.net/termine.php

Listing the truest of Berlin’s underground music scene, Stressfaktor is a guide assembled by Berlin’s punk/leftist scene, by the people, for the people. Not just concerts but leftist cultural events, the nights that Stressfaktor covers certainly aren’t for everyone, but if you’re keen on some proper punk rock, or are just interested in seeing how Berlin’s ‘other half’ lives, then Stressfaktor is there for you.

The photo is from Andreas Lehner and is graciously used from: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lehnin78/8727333236/

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