Alumni Update: Randall & Non-Profit Tourism in Bolivia

Being very fortunate to have met and worked with Wolf the year before Fat Tire began, I made sure to put in my informal application during its initial year and promptly signed up for the second. I also count myself very lucky to still be a part of the family, especially as I may well be the oldest bike tour guide in history.

Apart from the amazing people who have enriched my life and the fantastic experiences over the last decade, Fat Tire has allowed me to continue with my projects in Latin America. In 2002, I began volunteering as a mountain guide for a non-profit trekking agency in Guatemala, Quetzaltrekkers.

We extended the programme to Nicaragua in 2004 and in 2007 I came to Bolivia to set up Condor Trekkers. The trekking agency was added to in December 2012 with a not for profit vegetarian restaurant, Condor Café.

As I write this, we are preparing to celebrate our 4th anniversary and also my departure from the project. We have so far donated over $15,000 US to rural communities, and social projects within the city of Sucre.

As intended, the project is now capable of running itself and I look toward Australia and Africa to begin something new. Without the support of Fat Tire and Wolf in particular, I can’t imagine how any of this would have been possible.

Congratulations Fat Tire on reaching ten+ years. You have my sincerest gratitude and I look forward to many more years in the Fat Tire saddle.

– Randall H.

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