The 10 Best Berlin Restaurants By Cuisine Type

By Marriette Rough

Berlin has fast become a Mecca for foodies from around the world. If you can think it up it’s likely that you will find it here. We have complied a list of all our favorite little off-the-beaten-track restaurants. Food in Berlin is exceptionally cheap, considering it’s a capital city, especially when you swerve away from the main touristy areas and head to the cool districts where most of the young people live. Prices for these restaurants are in the € 5 – € 15 range. Enjoy!

Our favorite GERMAN restaurant has to be Spatzle & Knoedel, located in the bohemian eastern district of Friedrichshain. Delicious and hearty meals are served in a simply decorated restaurant. German food is guaranteed to make you feel as full as a goog, so perhaps avoid this on the night you want to party!
Location: Wuhlischstrasse 12, Friedrichshain.

On the same road we have our RUSSIAN pick, Datscha. One of the best Sunday brunches Berlin has to offer. Don your fur coat, down a vodka and get some Pelmeni in you.
Location: Gabriel Max Strasse 1, Friedrichshain.

For the best tapas in the city we suggest you head to Bar Ravel, our SPANISH suggestion. The very sleek but reasonably priced restaurant is actually owned by one of Germany’s most famous actors, Daniel Bruhl. He starred in “Goodbye Lenin” and Tarantino’s “Inglorious Bastards”. For those who struggle to pick, they offer a hot plate and a cold plate, covering all the tapas delicacies you should be eating.
Location: Luebbner Strasse 1, Kreuzberg.

KOREAN restaurants have recently exploded in Berlin. Between the Fat Tire Bike Tour guides we have tried them all and our favorite is undoubtedly Gangnam Pocha, in Prenzlaurberg – the hipster family district. Barbeques sunk in to each table means you can grill your own beef. Treat yourself to a “Strawberry Cocktail”: a glass of Soju and Sprite with a strawberry ice lolly stuck in.
Location: Hagenauer Str. 9, 10435 Berlin (nearest UBahn – Eberswalder Str – U2)

INDIAN food in Berlin is not generally amazing but fear not we have found the best Indian in town. Goura Pakora is a tiny vegetarian hole in the wall with both indoor and outdoor seating offering fresh Masala Dosa as tasty as you can get them in South India.
Location: Krossner Strasse 16, Friedrichshain

Like the rest of the world, Berlin has about a billion ITALIAN restaurants. Our pick from the plentiful selection is pizza joint called Pizza Nostra. Whether you take away or eat in, this is guaranteed to be some of the tastiest pizza you ever had.
Location: Lychner Strasse 2, Prenzlaurberg.

Feeling a bit more romantic you can head out for FRENCH cuisine. Here we suggest Themroc in the heart of Berlin’s Mitte. Extensive menu there isn’t, but quality of food there is, as well as a tremendous wine selection. This may cost you a bit more than € 15, but it’s well worth it.
Location: Torstrasse 183, Mitte.

Popular with our guides this year has been the VIETNAMESE restaurant called Hamy Cafe. Just have a glance at the other tables and you will see everyone eating one of the two daily specials. It’s fresh and incredibly cheap.
Location: Hasenheide 10, Kreuzberg.

Burgers you will find everywhere in Berlin. Our AMERICAN pick has to be Burgermeister. One of the most famous restaurants in the city for good reason. Situated underneath the train tracks in what used to be a public toilet. Grab a beer for the long queue!
Location: Oberbaumstrasse 8, Kreuzberg.

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