The Best Restaurants in the Mitte District, Berlin

By Neil Cameron

Berlin is a BIG city and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming where to start. So many choices, such little time. Where to eat, where to drink, where to sleep and where to party?  I have compiled a list of the best places (according to us!) on where to eat and drink once our tours have finished.

Where to Eat in Mitte

Dada Falafel
Website: http://www.dadafalafel.de/

Berlin has the largest Turkish population of any place outside Turkey and when the Turkish were invited here after the second world war then they decided to bring their kitchen with them. The modern day döner kebab was supposedly invented in Berlin so what better place to stop and eat Turkish/general Middle Eastern food than Dada Falafel. The restaurant is located on Oranienburgerstrasse just a few minutes walk from the new synagogue. Try their schwarma, halloumi or the best thing as their name suggests, falafel (fried chick peas) either in bread or I advise the large plate with a delicious salad.

Price range: €3-10

Website: http://www.schwarzwaldstuben-berlin.com/

This is my favourite German restaurant in the city. The food here is warm and inviting and along with their homely décor Schwarzwaldstuben (translates at black forest lounge) is a must if you want to try southern German food at its finest. Southern German food can be rich and heavy so go on an empty stomach and make sure you have room for a few of Germany’s finest beers, Rothaus Pils, served on tap in the restaurant. This place can get booked out so call ahead.

Price range: €8-20

Papa Pane Di Sorrento
Website: http://www.xn--pappane-bwa.com/

This is a fantastic place for all things Italian. The pizzas here are huge and delicious and this place has a great deal for a lunchtime meal. The restaurant is only a few minutes walk from the Berlin Wall and the Berlin Wall Museum at Bernauerstrasse. If you have room after the pizza/pasta then you must get a tiramasu, it is to die for.

Price range: €8-20

Monsieur Vuong
Website: http://www.monsieurvuong.de/

Alongside Turkish people Berlin has a large number of Vietnamese expats and I find Monsieur Vuong to be the best of Berlin’s Vietnamese restaurants. The place is pretty small so book ahead or be prepared to wait for their simple menu, there are normally only a few dishes to choose from but these are prepared lovingly by the kitchen and taste great. The restaurant is right in the heart of Berlin’s hippest shopping quarter so a perfect place to stop and pick something up to eat after all that hard work buying new clothes!

Price range: €6-20

Website: http://www.transit-restaurants.com/

This is the place to go for all things Asian fusion. Transit has become a very popular place with our guides and customers alike in the last few years. There are two branches, one in Mitte and the other in Friedrichshain. The menu is extensive and everything is pretty reasonably priced, the idea here is to get numerous small dishes and share between friends (or have them all yourself, we won’t tell anyone.)

Price range: €5-20

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