The Ultimate List of Open Air Cinemas in Berlin

By Marriette Rough

Berlin comes alive in the summer and one of the most beloved traditions at this time of year are open air cinemas. There are a number of parks and gardens where you can enjoy a film alfresco. Most places provide deckchairs for you to get comfy on, some even going the whole hog by providing blankets. Being Germany of course beers and snacks are available on site, but you can always bring your own (although not to the Cassiopiea cinema). We would recommend checking the weather before hand and grab an umbrella if it looks a little temperamental. Also DO NOT forget your mosquito spray, two hundred tasty humans sat still for a couple of hours are sure to attract the little buggers. Here we have a run down of our favourite open air cinemas…

All of the websites provided have an English version. All entrance tickets cost €7 and are available to buy online or on site, usually half an hour before the showing.

Freiluftkino (Open Air Cinema) Kreuzberg

This is the cinema most likely to show films in their original language. It is located in the heart of Kreuzberg, one of our most vibrant districts. Make sure to come a little early to this one to make sure you bag yourself a ticket and a good position to park your deck chair. If you have your heart set on seeing a film here, then buy a ticket online from their website. Make sure to have an adventure in the surrounding area before or after your film. There are hip bars and restaurants galore.

Location: In the yard of the Kunstquartier Bethanien in Mariannenplatz, entrance opposite Adalbertstrasse 73
Website: http://www.freiluftkino-kreuzberg.de/freiluftkino_kreuzberg_english.php 

Freiluftkino Insel in Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia is a bar/club/rock-climbing-tower/open-air-cinema smack bang in the heart of RAW Gelände, a mass of nightclubs, bars, cafes, a skate park and weekly flea market. The area, for want of a better description, is very Berlin. It is Covered in Graffiti and a bit scruffy but incredibly charming. After your film you can stick around and enjoy the night life, be sure to have a wander down the nearby Simon-Dach Strasse to really feel the vibe of the district.

Location: Revealer Strasse 99. Friedrichshain
Website: http://www.freiluftkino-insel.de/html/index

Freiluftkino Freidrichshain

Definitely check which language the film is shown in before you go, as this cinema tends to play more German films and dubs the English language films into German. Set in the middle of one of our largest parks, means you can have a little stroll through before you settle down with your popcorn. The mosquitoes will be out in force, so wear long sleeves and get your spray on.

Location: In Volkspark Friedrichshain enter park near to Platz der Vereinten Nationen.
Website: http://www.freiluftkino-berlin.de/english.php

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