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Flying to Washington DC: Reagan National Airport

Spring is just around the corner and summer is following right behind that. Which means, its time to start planning your vacations. Coming to DC can be a great low cost vacation with tons to do. But, before you book your flight we got some tips for you. There are actually three airports in the DC area and some are easier than others, which means you can literally come from anywhere to DC and go from DC to anywhere in the world! But, all that can make getting to the sites a little tricky. That’s where we come in. This week, we’ll take a look at some different ways to get into DC and let you know a few tips on making the trip easier.

Reagan National Airport

There are three airports in the area and you may be flying into one and out of another. The number one choice is Reagan National which we’ll talk about below. It may be a little pricier to fly into, but our biggest tip about flying into DC is to take into account the time and money it can cost to get to/from any of the other airports. Sometimes the difference in airfare is totally wiped out by the extra money to get to the airport. Even if you take a taxi from Reagan airport, you’ll usually only spend a few bucks and save yourself a world of headache.

Reagan National Airport is by far the most convenient airport located just a short Metro or taxi ride outside the city. In fact, it may be one of the most convenient airports to any city in the country! Beautiful architecture in its may concourse coupled with one of the greatest views from any fly in approach, makes Reagan Airport the go-to place to fly into the city. Plus, you’ll never know who you’ll rub elbows with on your flight or in the security line as its the favorite airport for Senators and Congressman.

It originally opened in 1926 near the site of the Pentagon as Hoover Field. But with high electric wires and the hills nearby, the cities first airport needed to move and that it did in 1941 to its current place. The original terminal, Terminal A is still there. It can be a bit of trek to walk there if you have to fly out of it, but on the walk, you feel like you are stepping back in air travel history. It can feel like you are in a scene from¬†Catch Me if You Can in the hay day passenger air travel. But its not all dated, soon Carla Hall, a finalist from the TV Show Top Chef, will be opening a new lineup of food options in the old terminal. It’ll include some of our favorites like the Foggy Bottom standard, Burgers Taps and Shakes as well as one of our favorite pizza spots in DC, Pizza Paradiso.

At the end of the day Reagan is the easiest, most convenient airport to fly in and out of in the DC area. Currently, its the only airport with its own Metro Station which makes it just a 10 minute ride on the train to downtown DC. If you can, fly out of Reagan. Spend more time in the city, and less time getting there.

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