Great Thai Food in Berlin? Indeed…

When people think of great non-German food in Berlin, what normally pops in to people’s mind is Turkish food. With such a large Turkish population in Berlin, authentic Turkish food – not just the döner kebab – is easy to come by. There’s also a large Vietnamese population as many Vietnamese were encouraged to come to East Berlin when the city was still divided.  Hence, finding quality Vietnamese food also isn’t too challenging.

There are though no direct historical ties between Thailand and Germany, so can it be that there’s also tasty Thai food to be had in Berlin? Indeed there is.  And it’s not just the food, but the ambience, how the food is served, the stools… on these outdoor markets the Thai food is authentic in most every way.

This Thai food picnic in the park, or “Thai Meadow” as it’s called, takes place during the summer months on the weekend at Preußenpark, near the Fehrbellinerplatz U-Bahn metro stop in Wilmersdorf. Particularly on Sundays on fair weather days it’s quite a spectacle.

The blog post by “Nomadic Matt” says it best: http://www.nomadicmatt.com/travel-blogs/finding-best-thai-food/

And here is the Yelp site: http://www.yelp.com/biz/thaiwiese-im-preußenpark-berlin-2

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