Kreuzberg Video from 1979

When the Wall was still up, Kreuzberg was seen in a precarious light. It’s proximity to East Berlin, seeming nudging up against the Wall, ensured it was home to many of West Berlin’s seedy clubs and bohemian lifestyle.  Today the trendy area continues to be a hotspot for progressive thought, great clubs, and fantastic cafes.

Paul recently found this video clip of footage from 1979 which we happily repost.  Those of you having done our Berlin Wall Tour or Raw Berlin Tour will recognize the Oberbaum bridge and see what shabby shape it was in.  This isn’t surprising, as what is now Berlin’s prettiest bridge and major landmark was then a border crossing between the divided city.  The video then moves along Schlesische Strasse, now home to so many of Kreuzberg’s great nightlife and buzz, but then seemingly shady and forlorn.

Very interesting footage: http://vimeo.com/15403526

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