Berlin Staff Spotlight: Alistair D.

Born on the west coast of Scotland, Alistair mostly grew up in the US. His house growing up was filled with books on history, and his older brother is a 20th century historian, so Alistair has always had a strong interest in history. His love for Berlin is not only because the city is rich with history, but also because its vibrant present-day energy. As he says, the city has such variety that a 20-minute ride on the S-bahn can make you feel like you’re in a completely different city.

Regarding Berlin’s often turbulent past, the era he finds most interesting is the Weimar Republic.  It was a boom for art and culture, and it encapsulated so much of Berlin’s identity in such a short period.

His top museum recommendations include the Pergamon (hurry before it closes for renovations!), the Gemäldegalerie, and the Tränenpalast. His favorite sites on the City Tour are the Topography of Terror and the Reichstag.

Alistair earned his undergraduate degree at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York.  As a jazz musician, Alistair can often be found at jam sessions in jazz clubs throughout Berlin.

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