Our Tour Encounters David Hasselhoff

From time to time David Hasselhoff still makes an appearance in Berlin.  His song “Looking for Freedom” was tops in the West German charts in 1989, so it was all too fitting after the Wall fell that he performed at the Brandenburg Gate that New Year’s.  More than 500,000 came to see him high on emotion after The Wall had just recently been opened.  It’s definitely worth a Youtube search, if only to see his hilarious keyboard scarf and electric jacket.

Last year “The Hof” came to Berlin to protest the demolition of a section of now-protected Berlin Wall that was left standing.  The Wall section was to be removed for the building within the former death-strip.  This is controversial because the section of Wall is under historical protection, but lies on financially attractive waterfront property.  Eventually, in the middle of the night and under police escort to avoid the protesters, the Wall pieces were indeed removed.

Just two days ago “The Hof” was back in Berlin being interviewed by a German tabloid news show when our bike tour happened to bike by.  Our guide Ramin couldn’t help but hold out his hand an profess his admiration for the “Hof”.  Too funny and we couldn’t resist posting.

Skip to minute 13:30: http://www.voxnow.de/prominent/sendung-vom-23032014.php?container_id=157285&player=1&season=0


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