Where to Find The Best Performance Art in Berlin

Where to See It

Having lived here for almost a decade I have had countless conversations with people who are new to the city, fresh off the plane and starry eyed about Berlin. A huge proportion of these are here for Berlins art scene. Everyones a painter, a writer, a dancer or thats the ways it seems depending on who you ask.

From Marx to Isherwood to Bowie, this city has always attracted free thinkers, writers and artists and contemporary art is thriving in Berlin with a huge performance art scene.

Ufer Studios

Up in Wedding, one of Berlins many working class neighbourhoods stands the uferstudios, originally built as a transport depot for 3 generations of Berlin transport, first horses, then electric trolleys and most recently for Berlins transport system BVG, this building is now home to offices, classrooms and rehearsals space for Berlins performing artists.

The studios encourage students to meet with other students and instructors and share knowledge. If you really want to see what contemporary performance artists are doing in Berlin then this is the place to visit.

The studios put on a number of events throughout the year. Check out their website/events listings: uferstudios.com

Friedrichstadt Palast

Used originally as a market hall and food depot, then heavily bombed during world war 2 Berlin’s Friedrichstadtpalast is now Europe’s biggest show palace. This is the place to come if you want a Las Vegas style experience. The shows here want to wow you. A huge array of artists and dancers use spectacular choreography and lights.

This is definitely the place to go with the whole family or if you are trying to impress a certain somebody.

Check out their website for listings: Palast.Berlin


This is a Berlin institution. The beautiful old theater is located in Neukolln, or more specifically Rixdorf, a traditional working class neighbourhood in Berlin where they have always been known to have a good time! This theater was showcasing cabaret in the twenties and has always been a place for Berliners to express their feelings, artistically, about Berlin and the life people lead there.

The new theater has been there since 2009 and they they truly are a pillar of the community. Here you can see Poetry slams, concerts, a theartre youth club, dance and in house productions giving a modern twist to Berlin theater of yesteryear. Heimat translates to home in English and this place really tries to make you feel that way offering a variety of performances for everyones taste.

Check out their website for listings: heimathafen-neukoelln


This really is a unique place. Hidden down a graffiti filled back alley you approach a staircase leading you into a world of mysterious robotic creatures some human, some metal. I shouldn’t tell you anymore as this is best experienced first hand. Expect to be amazed and just a little frightened in equal measures.

The Monsterkabinett was founded by an art collective called Dead Chickens and they have put an amazing effort into their metal creatures, they run tours and shows there 3 nights a week. 5-8 Euro

Check out their website: MonsterKabinett.de

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