The Best Restaurants in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

Where to Eat in Prenzlauer Berg

Berlin is a BIG city and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming where to start. So many choices, such little time. Where to eat, where to drink, where to sleep and where to party? I have compiled a list of the best places (according to us!) on where to eat and drink once our tours have finished.

Wok Show

This is a bit of a favourite with us guides. This quiet little Chinese restaurant does a selection of great dishes but the best thing about this place are their dumplings. Berliners travel from all over to come and taste them. There are a variety of different fillings and you can choose to have them steamed or fried. Come here with a big appetite.

Price range: €5-15

Der Fischladen

Berlin is not very near the sea and so finding fresh fish and good sushi is quite difficult but this fishmonger and take away does a really great fish and chips. If you fancy a good fish supper wrapped in a British newspaper, the proper way, then head up Schonhauser allee. Der Fischladen also does other excellent fish dishes and often has lunchtime specials.

Price Range: €5-20

Konnopke’s Imbiss

The number 1 dish to try when visiting Berlin is the Berliner Currywurst. So famous a dish there is now even a museum about the history of Berlins favourite sausage near checkpoint Charlie (Currywurst Museum). Originating after World War 2 when there were food shortages, a local mixed imported curry powder and ketchup together and poured it over her pork sausage. The currywurst has become such a favourite that even every wannabe mayor of Berlin has to be photographed next to a currywurst stand if they want to be elected. There are many who claim to be Berlins best currywurst stand and I would encourage you to try a few but for me the best is konnopke-imbiss. This simple stand on the street, directly underneath the train tracks claims to be East Berlin’s first currywurst stand and I think that it is still the best.

Price Range: €3-10
Website: Konnopke’s Imbiss


Do you love Garlic? Who doesn’t? Well if you don’t then you should because its good for you!
This restaurant is the first in Berlin dedicated just to Garlic. There are dishes of every type but with the one twist that everything is cooked with garlic. For starters try the Skunky chicken, cooked with 40 large garlic cloves, many the size of small potatoes. You should come here knowing that you will leave with a strong smell! There is even garlic brandy, garlic schnapps and garlic ice cream for dessert! If you really fall in love here then why not leave with your very own garlic t shirt.

Price Range: €10-25
Website: Knoblauch Restaurant

Are we missing a delicious spot on our list? Please share below. 

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