The Best Restaurants in Kreuzberg, Berlin

Where to Eat in Kreuzberg

Berlin is a BIG city and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming where to start. So many choices, such little time. Where to eat, where to drink, where to sleep and where to party? I have compiled a list of the best places (according to us!) on where to eat and drink once our tours have finished.

Imren Grill

A trip to Berlin isn’t complete without sampling one of the cities most famous dishes – the Döner kebab. Back in 1971 Kadir Nurman decided to adapt the traditional Iskender-style kebab from north-western Turkey to more local tastes by putting it in a toasted flat bread with some fresh salad and sauce. Cheap, easy and filling, the Döner caught on immediately and the industry is today worth some €2.5 billion a year.

Naturally some of the best places to try kebab can be found in the Turkish areas of Berlin and Imren Grill is in one of the best. This is not exactly a restaurant to impress people. The décor is simple and is more of a diner/take-away however when you first arrive order the classic döner im brot (kebab in toasted bread), with its stuffing of lamb grilled in neck fat, fresh salad, sesame sauce and chilli flakes. You will often find in these Turkish eateries that there is no alcohol served, why not try sweet black tea instead and feel a little more Turkish while in Berlin.

Price Range: €2-10


Here there is only one thing on the menu- Roast Chicken. All of Henne’s birds are organically raised and milk roasted and they are delicious. There really isn’t much else on the menu, the only choices you have to make at Henne is if you want your chicken accompanied with cabbage or potato salad and of course, which beer you should be drinking with your meal.
The interior is all made of wood and reminds me of an Austrian ski chalet or lodge, check out the letter above the bar, apparently written by JFK writing of his regret at missing eating here on his visit to Berlin in 1962. The chicken is cooked once you order and comes served in cute little baskets. Sides are ordered separately.

Price Range: €5-15
Website: Henne

Max & Moritz

This historic German restaurant has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Though some things may have changed since its first opening back in 1902, many pieces of the old inventory have been conserved which really add to the ambiance of this restaurant. Furniture from the 1870s, mural reliefs, glazed blue-green wall tiles, art nouveau detailing and stucco plastering all surround you as you chow down on traditional and hearty German grub. Try the goulash cooked with beer or their giant schnitzel all washed down with a delicious hefeweizen.

This place also comes with German service so do expect to wait but the wait is definitely worth it, plus it means you have more chance to try everything on their drinks menu.

Price Range: €10-25
Website: Max und Moritz

Kimchi Princess

Korean food has really become popular in Berlin in these last few years, and Kimchi Princess for me is one of the best restaurants around for both traditional and more modern Korean food. This place has simple furniture with long, wooden, communal tables. It’s a lively, social place and is the perfect place for an evening with friends.

At dinner, Korean BBQ s are placed on your table and they fill the room with a beautiful aroma. Try the bul nak, a mixture of beef and octopus. The bibimbap (my favourite Korean dish), available in both beef and vegetarian variants, is equally as good. If this place doesn’t fill you up, even after the kimchi pancakes then you can head down the street to Angry Chicken, the restaurant’s fast-food branch, for spicy Korean style Chicken wings.

Price Range: €10-25
Kimchi Princess

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