The Best Tapas Restaurants in Berlin

By Marriette Rough, Segway guide and closet foodie.

If you feel like you have exhausted the meat and potato options of traditional German fare, then don’t worry because Berlin has plenty to offer in terms of Tapas. You needn’t just pick one of these restuarants, as they are all within a relatively short distance. Get your google map on and do yourself a little Tapas-Hop.

Bar Raval
Lübbener Str.1 (Schliesches Tor)

Probably the most famous of our selection not just because of the very reasonably priced platters (Hot or Cold platter for around €15) but as it is owned by one of Germany’s favourite actors, Daniel Brühl (see picture above and star of  ‘Goodbye Lenin’ as well as Tarantinos’ ‘Inglorious Bastards’). Set in the heart of Kreuzberg with outside seating in Summer and a very sleek interior for not-so-Summer.

Las Primas
Wrangel.Str.54 (Schliesches Tor)

This is just two streets from Bar Raval and has a much more local feel, decked out with vintage furniture and Spanish waiters and waitresses. If they have the baked goats cheese and honey on their Special’s board, make sure you try it – deliciosa!

Gaston Tapas Bar
Weichsel Str.18 (Hermannplatz S+U Bahn)

About a 15 minute walk from Las Primas, through the Gorlitzer Park and the start of our most hipster district Neukölln. A tiny little restaurant on the corner, means you will certainly make some new friends as the Sangria gets flowing. If you are tapas’ed out at this point, head into to one of the many hip bars of Weser Strasse.

On Egin
Wildenbruch Str.88 (Rathaus Neukolln U-Bahn)

If you are still hungry, stroll ten mins from Gaston to find On Egin (Enjoy your meal). A very popular little Basque restaurant, with a great Octupus dish, not to mention an incredible Creme Catalina. Globalisiation at it’s best – a Basque restaurant in the heart of Berlin’s Turkish district serving the predominantly ex-pat population.

Sonntag Str.28 (Ostkreuz S-Bahn) or Rosenthaler Str. 68 (Rosenthaler Platz U-Bahn)

This is our wild card Tapas. Transit is actually an Indonesian-Tapas restaurant. In fact there are two of them in the city. One in Mitte close to all things tourist and one over in the old East district of Friedrichshian. You are given a list of wonderful looking dishes and you just tick off what you fancy. I would suggest limiting yourself to 3 dishes each to begin with and then see how you go, otherwise you may be tempted to order every single to dish. Although to be fair, at €3 a dish, it probably wouldn’t break the bank.


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