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A Mini-Guide to Romantic Paris

Paris remains by far one of the most romantic cities in the world, and a simple walk down the street can be enough to conjure up poetic yearnings. However, if you’re looking for more inspiration, check out this list of charming spots to enjoy with that special someone.

Stroll Along the Seine

What could be more romantic than a walk hand-in-hand along the iconic Seine River? Start at Notre Dame Cathedral and make your way along the cobblestone banks, as you pass by the majestic Palais de Justice and Hotel de Ville. There are plenty of spots for picnicking here as well. And make sure to pull your lover in for a long kiss, à la Robert Doisneau, before you head home.

Picnic Under the Eiffel Tower

Much of the reverie surrounding Paris has to do with the Eiffel Tower, a striking and impressive landmark for even the most jaded traveler. Head up to the top for a panoramic view of the City of Light or prepare a picnic on the lawn that stretches out behind the tower. Along the side of the lawn, you’ll find many hidden nooks that allow for a bit of privacy amongst the thousands of visitors.

Tour the Jardin des Plantes

This sweeping garden just opposite the Seine River has twelve different sections, each perfect for a lazy stroll. The Japanese zen and alpine gardens offer peace and tranquility, while the new rose garden is a feast for the sensations. The main park grounds spill out before the regal Natural History Museum, with new varieties of flowers, plants and trees to admire each season.

Dine in Style at Le Meurice

Decorator Philippe Stark modeled this fine dining establishment after the Versailles Palace, and you’ll feel like royalty as you savor any of the exquisite dishes offered here. In addition to the chandelier-draped, 18th century-inspired dining room, Le Meurice also offers a champagne bar and a wine cellar holding 616 bottles – the oldest dating back to 1928.

A Moonlit Dinner Cruise

As the sun sets and moonlight glimmers onto the waters of the Seine River, enjoy a gourmet French meal as you watch the wonders of the city breeze by. Onboard Bateaux-Mouches’s large white boats, musicians play timeless French classics as you savor seared foie gras and sip a glass of Saint-Emilion. Or try Bateaux-Parisien’s cruises, which range from 48 to 99 euros and offer musical entertainment in some packages. Get the best of both worlds with our Sunset Champagne River Cruise including a Skip-the-line access ticket to the Eiffel Tower to soak in the beauty of Paris together from the Seine and from high above!

A View of Paris at Le Georges

Perched on the rooftop of the Georges Pompidou museum, Le Georges is as much of an aesthetic experience as a culinary one. The restaurant design follows the museum’s modern art theme, with gaping silver pods that serve as table dividers. If the restaurant is too expensive for your tastes, sip a glass of wine as you take in a near-panoramic view of the city.

Classical Music at the Musée de l’Armée (at Les Invalides)

Apart from tours of this grandiose historical monument, Musee de l’Armee offers hundreds of classical music concerts each year. Most are held in the stately Grand Salon, complete with sparkling chandeliers, intricate ceiling moldings and renaissance-style paintings of former officers. As the violins strike their chords, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back into the 17th century.

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