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Back to School in France

It’s back to school time for the kids but why should they be the ones having all the fun? There are plenty of classes on offer in Paris for those planning to stay more than a few days in the city. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn French cooking or want to brush up on your French. Or hey, why not learn more about the history of French art or take up yoga in the park? If you’re at a loss for how to get involved, take a look at this list to get started. While classes tend to fill up fast in Paris, it’s not too late to snag a spot.

Learn How to Cook at Le Foodist

You’re in France so it’s only natural that you go back home with a few French recipes under your belt. Le Foodist is the perfect solution – this small school offers cooking and baking classes, with the goal of teaching easy, delicious French dishes that you’ll be able to make once you get back home. Le Foodist takes you through all the steps – from how to spot the best products at the market and the most efficient way to chop your vegetables, to mixing a savory sauce and presenting a dish in the most attractive manner. You can also learn how to make pastries like macarons and chocolate eclairs or take a wine tasting class.

Learn French

Of course, there are dozens of languages you could learn, but if you’re in Paris, the natural choice is obviously French! There are a host of language centers around the city, but if you need a starting point, check out the highly reputable Alliance Francaise. You can choose between intensive 4-hour per day, 5-days per week classes, or opt for a more relaxed schedule.

Take an Art Class

There are tons of museums in Paris to check out world famous works of art, but if you want to actually get in on the action, why not join an art class in the French capital. There are plenty of English-speaking art schools around Paris offering drawing, painting and sculpture courses. Try out a live drawing or painting class at the Atelier Villa Bastille or if you’re only here for a short time, try a class at Pauline Fraisse Art & Culture. Here, you’ll be able to take short art courses, where you’ll learn how to create your own “travel sketchbook.”

Yoga on the Cheap

Are you a yoga addict or aspire to be one? There are plenty of yoga classes around Paris but many of them don’t come cheap. An excellent option is joining a Meetup group, which boasts affordable yoga classes at just 5 euros for a one-hour course. Groups meet up in different parks around the city, and are a great way to get a mini-tour of Paris. Plus, you’ll most likely meet a fellow traveler or two.

Don’t have time to take a class? Get a quick tour of the city with our combo Paris Day and Paris Night Bike Tour!

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