Best Italian Craft Beer

So you thought Italy was all about wine, right? Did you spend your last Italian holiday tasting every single Chianti selection? Well, let us prove you wrong! Wine is still our best product, no doubt, but there is a new trend spreading in Italy, thanks to young, local and creative entrepreneurs: Italian craft beer!

After many years of dedication to the art of wine production, the new Italian generation realized that with our great products we could also give beer a try! And so, it happened!

Italy’s craft beer scene has turned out to be one of the most creative in Europe, with around 500 breweries established in the past ten years, most of them small-sized and relatively new. Italy’s craft beers often contain unusual ingredients such as grape must, chestnuts, and different fruits and spices, depending on the region the brewery is located in, and the typical products of their area. You will find an exciting mix of flavors in Italian craft beers!

If you want to try a Tuscan one, visit the Birrificio Toscano BSV! Their specialty is Pratomagno, flavored with a mix of herbs from Pratomagno Mountain.

The coolest thing is that Italian craft beers are so locally based that you need to go and look for them sometimes! You won’t just find them everywhere, as you would with wine. And, strangely enough, it is easier to find them in small Italian villages. 

So whenever you travel across the Italian countryside, stop by small local pubs and ask to taste their selection of Italian craft beer. As it is with every Italian product, the quality of the beer is top notch. The rest is in creativity!

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