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Explore Rome, Italy with Fat Tire Tours

“Rome was a poem pressed into service as a city”

When American writer Anatole Broyard wrote these words, he was not exaggerating. Rome’s architecture alone would be enough to guarantee its position as one of the world’s truly breath-taking cities. Yet Rome is more than just buildings, it is a spirit. It is, as they say, La Dolce Vita. To walk any street in Italy’s capital is to be overwhelmed by the beauty of over 2500 years of history.

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Beginning its life all those years ago, it is little wonder that Rome has seen more change than most cities, and yet the ancient is still proudly on display. Stand under the dome of the Pantheon and know you follow in the footsteps of Emperors, or climb the steps into the Colosseum like so many thousands of bloodthirsty spectators once did. There are few places in the world where you can reach out and touch the past as you can here, and fewer still that wear their ancient achievements so proudly. It truly is The Eternal City.

If Rome was not enough on its own, within its centre lay a whole other country. Vatican City, the smallest country in the world, is the only UNESCO World Heritage Country in existence. Home to the Pope and centre of world Catholicism it has been a place of pilgrimage for centuries, and whether your visit is for spiritual purposes or simply to gaze on the beauty of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel it is an experience you will never forget.

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At the height of the Roman Empire it was widely said that ‘All roads lead to Rome’, and most of those roads now seem lined with cafes and restaurants selling the sort of food and memories that dreams are made of. Nowhere else on Earth can you hear a mass given by the Pope, eat like a king and walk the streets of the forum known to Julius Caesar in a day.

From the majesty of St Peter’s Basillica to the romance of The Trevi Fountain, you’ll be hard pushed to find a Bucket List that doesn’t include at least one iconic Rome landmark, and regardless of whether your interest was piqued by the stories of Caesar or the films of Fellini, The Eternal City is will not disappoint.

Visit What are the Best Things to See and Do in Rome, Italy?

Explore the awe-inspiring streets of Rome and make your trip a remarkable adventure by seeing the best this world-famous city has to offer! Immerse yourself in culture by experiencing authentic Italian cuisine and visiting Rome’s must-see landmarks to learn more about the its riveting history!

Skip the lines and unlock the secrets of Rome on our Colosseum, Forum, and Vittoriano Tour led by an expert guide who will bring these historic areas to life while telling you about their cultural importance.

Visit Rome Tourist Attractions on a Fat Tire Bike, Segway, or Food Tour

Discover the historic center of the city on our Rome Bike Tour (3 hours) that takes you to iconic landmarks such as the Trevi Fountain and Venice Square, or glide across the city on a Rome Day Segway Tour (3 hours) that allows you to quickly cover ground so you can experience everything between ancient and modern Rome.

See breathtaking artworks on a VIP Sistine Chapel Tour (4 hours) or enjoy a Rome Wine & Cheese Tasting (1 hour) where you can try regional Italian wines and local cheeses led by a professional sommelier.

When booking a Fat Tire Tours Rome tour, you’re also getting:

  • A guided tour led by English-speaking locals knowledgeable about Rome’s history and quirks
  • A fun, safe and adventurous way to sightsee in Rome
  • Different time options that cater to your travel schedule
  • Comfortable group sizes

Other Must-See Attractions and Sightseeing in Rome

Is there something specific you’d like to see or do when visiting Rome?

  • Daring adventurers can walk among the dead on an eerie Roman Catacombs and Crypts Tour (3 hours 15 minutes) that shares the spell-binding story of this city through the ages.
  • Food fanatics can learn to make pasta from scratch with guidance from a local Italian chef in our Rome Pasta Making Class where you’ll get the opportunity to cook, dine, and drink.
  • Night owls can discover the hidden gems of the city on a Rome Night Bike Tour, which takes you the “Trastevere” area famous for overflowing restaurants and majestic views of the eternal city.

You can also browse Fat Tire Tours’ entire selection of tours and activities in Rome here!

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