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Roman Forum

Tour the Roman Forum

With the impressive remains of the Colosseum looming in the distance, the Roman Forum might look like a jumbled collection of ancient ruins today, but for hundreds of years it was the beating heart of Roman life, politics, and religion. When Emperor Titus mysteriously fell ill and died, his brother took power and to deter rumors about the role he might have played in his brother’s untimely death, he comissioned a grand arch to be built in Titus’ name within the forum, featuring scenes from his brother’s many war victories. Along the Via Sacra once strolled all of Rome’s most famous emperors, academics, philosophers, and artists; many of the stones paving this path today are original which allows you to walk upon the same path as some of the greatest names in history. 

There isn’t much left of the Temple of Vesta, but what remains is one of the most quirky and unusual bits of Roman history. This temple was the meeting place of the Vestal Virgins, women considered VIPs of Roman society whose job included protecting sacred objects and bookeeping for the state, among many other noble tasks. As the name would suggest, being a Vestal Virgin required 30 years of celibacy after which they were allowed to marry and own land. If the celibacy vow was broken however, their punishment was death by being buried alive. 

One of the most underwhelming in appearances but bursting with fascinating history ruins in the forum is the Temple of Caesar. A few years following the death by assassination of Julius Caesar, he was deified (declared him a God) and this temple was built in his honor upon the spot he was cremated. 

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