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Trevi Fountain

Tour the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy

For thousands of years Roman fountains have provided drinking water to its citizens, and the city holds the crown for having the most fountains in the entire world with over 2,000 in all – but none are more famous than Fontana di Trevi. The legend of the Trevi Fountain states that in 19 BC a young girl led thirsty Roman soldiers over 8 miles outside the city of Rome, and the discovery of the abundant water source led Augustus to order the construction of a 14-mile long aqueduct into the city, named Virgin Waters in honor of the young girl. During the 1600s, the Pope decided that the fountain less than impressive to look at, and commanded Bernini to design a more aesthetically exciting fountain. Although Bernini died before its completion, many artistic and architectural touches upon the Baroque fountain are reminicent of his work. The central theme of the fountain’s design pays homage to the Roman mastery of controlling water with the the focal sculpture depicting Oceanus, the sea god.

In addition to its beauty and size, the Trevi Fountain is famous for the tradition of tossing coins into the fountain waters. The legend of the Trevi Fountain states that if you throw a coin over your left shoulder into the waters, you will return to Rome one day. This tradition dates back to Ancient Romans throwing coins in fountains so the gods of water would help them get back home safely The fountain accumulates over €3,000 every day and it is emptied regularly by a local charity which gives the money to local needy families to purchase groceries.

Our Rome Bike Tour takes you straight to the Trevi Fountain where you’ll hear fascinating stories and anecdotes from your entertaining, expert guide. For a chance to see the fountain at night, when the lights really make the experience feel magical, our Rome Night Segway Tour is a great option to see the Trevi Fountain along many of Rome’s main attractions.

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