Butter and Anchovies: Best Crostini Toppings

Having some friends over for dinner on short notice? Don’t panic! The trick is to start with some tasty and filling appetizers. Surprise your guests with the starters, and they’ll enjoy the rest even more! And if you have no time for shopping, we have a perfect idea for you!

All you need is bread, butter, and canned anchovies, and you’ll have a great Italian starter: crostini burro e acciughe! (Sometimes the simplest things are the best!)

If you have traveled in Italy already, you might have tried this dish on our Florence Food Tour, during which you get the chance to taste Italian crostini in Florence.

Now, as you know, there are many crostini toppings in our tradition. You may know some of the very standard one: tomato and basil, black olives… Burro e acciughe is something that doesn’t come to mind easily but believe me; it is a pleasure for your mouth! 


Tuscan bread

Good quality unsalted butter

Good quality anchovies (in oil or salted)

Pickles baby capari (if you like)

Tuscan bread is the one that works best for this recipe. If you don’t have Tuscan bread, however, just use whatever bread you have. Cut as many slices as possible, so you have at least two crostini per person. Toast the bread and let it cool for a few minutes.

Spread a good layer of butter on the slices and, depending on the size of these slices, lay one or two anchovies on top. You can add a capari as the final touch on your crostini burro e acciughe. And, there you go! You are ready to offer your guests an original and finger-licking Italian starter!

If you do want to taste Italian crostini while in Florence let us know! We’ll make sure you’ll get the best out of your stay!

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