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Famous Cabarets in Paris

Can you do the can-can?

It doesn’t matter! Paris is famous for its cabaret clubs and dance shows, many of which also offer dinner and drinks, making it a perfect idea for an evening out. So don’t worry about brushing up on your moves (unless you want to) because here’s a list of the best places in Paris to watch some world-famous cabaret.

Moulin Rouge

Ok, so the outside of the Moulin Rouge is always a little bit of a let down. The red windmill is never as big as you imagine it (blame Baz Luhrmann), and the building is situated on a busy boulevard, right in the heart of the red-light district. But don’t let appearances deceive you, the Moulin Rouge is still one of the most popular cabarets in town, and is known as the spiritual birthplace of the can-can. [More info]

Did you know? Since 1963, out of superstition, only revue titles that start with the letter F are chosen (currently “Féerie” – Fairy).

82, Boulevard de Clichy, 75018
Metro: Abbesses

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Le Lido

A cabaret and burlesque venue, Le Lido opened in 1946 and is still extremely popular. Located on the Champs Elysees, it attracts a more French-based clientele than the Moulin Rouge. The current show, “Bonheur” (Happiness), involves 60 artists, 23 set changes and 600 different costumes! Don’t worry about your schedule, Le Lido is open 365 days a year, and puts on two shows a day. [More info]

116 bis, avenue des Champs-Élysées
Metro: George V

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Crazy Horse

Opened in 1951, the Crazy Horse saloon is the most avant-garde of all the Paris cabarets. It occupies twelve former wine cellars, and specializes in nude dancing. Before you ask, there’s nothing sleazy about the performances, which aim to celebrate the female form in a sensual yet tasteful manner. It’s a far smaller venue than the Moulin Rouge and Le Lido, but this only makes for a more intimate setting. [More info]

2 Avenue George V
Metro: Alma-Marceau

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Paradis Latin

The Paradis Latin used to be a theater, but is now a cabaret on the Left bank in Paris’ Latin quarter. Considerably less expensive than the other three venues, it offers both dance performances and acrobatics, and is also the only cabaret of these four to have a Master of Ceremonies. Once again, although the dancers are often topless, the performances are tasteful. Space is limited, but this only adds to the atmosphere (but do try to get seats downstairs, not on the balcony where your view can be obscured). [More info]

Did you know? The theater was burned down but then rebuilt by… Gustave Eiffel (you might have heard his surname before)!

28 rue Cardinal-Lemoine, 75005
Metro: Cardinal Lemoine

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