Montanara: Fried Pizza Recipe

How many types of pizza have you tasted in your life?

There are so many extravagant versions of this typical Southern-Italian dish that it is sometimes impossible to distinguish original Italian ones. Well, there is always something new to try! (You know what we are talking about if you’ve joined one of our Food Tours!)

This recipe is of Neapolitan origins, and it is called Montanara recipe, which takes its name from the montanari. In montanari, there were the mountain peasants, who apparently used to eat fried bread dressed with tomatoes and cheese.

Here’s what you need to make your own fried pizza at home:


800g basic pizza dough


1 clove garlic (peeled and finely sliced)

400g tinned plum tomatoes


Fresh basil

Extra virgin olive oil


Black pepper

Vegetable oil

It is better to prepare the tomato sauce first, so that once the dough is ready, you can just dress it and enjoy your fried pizza while still warm.

So, first heat a saucepan, pour few spoons of olive oil, and add the sliced garlic. Cook gently over low fire. When the garlic turns light golden, add the tomatoes and a few pinches of salt and pepper. Cook for about 20 minutes, turn the fire off, add some basil, and put to one side.

Tomato Sauce for Fried Pizza

Now you’ll just have to fry your pizza base and it is ready! Let’s suppose here that you already have your basic pizza dough ready. Divide it into 12 balls of around 60g each, and then flatten them to obtain a disk-like shape.

Every disk of pizza is going to be 8-10 cm of diameter. At this point, heat 2 cm of vegetable oil on a frying pan, and fry each pizza for 2 minutes or so on each side. Put the dough balls in the oil only when it is really hot. Remove them with tongs and place them on a tray with some paper towels, so that the extra oil is absorbed.

Fried Pizza

Now, on top of each little pizza, spread a spoonful of the tomato sauce, some Mozzarella, and a few leaves of basil or dried oregano.

There you go! Easy, tasty and colorful! Don’t forget to try the original Montanara recipe when you pass through Italy.

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