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Paris Insider Guide: Our Favorite Restaurants This Winter

Bring your gloves and scarf if you’re coming over to Paris over the next couple of months, because the temperature has suddenly dropped and winter is well and truly here. Luckily, we know we can always warm ourselves up over a plate or bowl of deliciousness at one of our current favorite places to eat. The hardest part will be going back outside!

Brunch at Les Pipelettes

You’re up on a Saturday or Sunday late morning and feel like a copious breakfast with all the trimmings? Paris is host to numerous restaurants known for their excellent brunches. Us anglophones should feel responsible for having brought the concept over, but the French have typically added their own je ne sais quoi

The famous Pipelettes brunch includes hot drinks, juice, scones, fresh bread, preserves, egg, cold meats, quiche, potatoes, salad.. and even salmon if you have any space left! Les Pipelettes is also a concept store, selling all sorts of delicious jams, patés and sweet treats, located in southern Paris.

Book in advance to be sure to get a table.

Les Pipelettes | 31 rue Brezin, 75014
Métro Mouton Duvernet

Lunch at Les Chouettes

If you find yourself around the Marais or Répulique districts, escape the cold in the unique space of Les Chouettes (The owls) restaurant. Based over three floors, and with several separate dining areas, the airy yet cozy restaurant has a glass roof for you to watch the rain falling onto. Sink into a leather armchair, sip a full-bodied glass of red and peruse the menu with a contented sigh.

Les Chouettes | 32 rue de Picardie, 75003
Métro Filles du Calvaire/Temple

Dinner at 52 Faubourg Saint Denis

The new kid on the block, 52 Faubourg saint Denis, has only been open a short while but already has queues down the sidewalk. Sure, this is mostly because they don’t take reservations, but if ever Parisians are prepared to wait in the cold and/or rain for dinner, it means the place is good. A former butcher’s shop, the new owner Charles Compagnon has (thankfully!) stripped everything out and given the place a modern, crisp look. Food is delicious, and the “liquid list” has been carefully selected.

52 Faubourg Saint Denis | 52 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis, 75010
Métro Chateau d’Eau

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