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Cinema Le Louxor – Paris

If you’re a cinéphile (movie fan) then this article is for you!

On the corner of Rue de la Chapelle and Boulevard Magenta, right at the exit of the Barbès Rochechouart metro (lines 4 and 2), you’ll find Le Louxor movie theater, the only building in Paris built in Egyptian style.

Originally opened in 1921, the Louxor theater was sold in 1983 to Tati (a huge bargain box store) but by 1987 it was the city’s largest gay nightclub, eventually closing its doors in 1989. It stayed abandoned until 2003 when it was bought by the City of Paris, but stayed in a state of disrepair until 2010 when permission to renovate was granted. It reopened on April 17, 2013, after a 33 million dollar renovation and has once again become one of Paris’ most popular movie theaters.

During the building work, the local community was invited to contribute to the “Paris-Louxor” association by helping the website and brain-storming ideas for the future of the theater. As a result, the community feels very involved with the redevelopment of the Louxor, which is a great thing for an area which is known for poverty and petty crime. In fact, the whole area has been selected by the City of Paris to undergo a complete renovation/rejuvenation over the next few years. Property investors, this could be your moment.

That’s great, you might be thinking, but why should I go to a famous area in Paris just to see a movie? Well, I’ll tell you: Because it’s an absolutely beautiful listed building that oozes with history. Its neo-Egyptian facade is totally unique, and inside the decoration is a combination of Egyptian and art-deco. There’s a bar, an outside terrace on the third floor and three theaters. Theater 1 has balcony seating for the perfect view, gold-tinted walls, painted hieroglyphs, floral motifs and friezes and even an art-deco skylight.

The Louxor specializes in in art house films. It also hosts festivals, educational courses and movie-based activities in an attempt to encourage participation from the community.

So if you’re a film or architect fan who enjoys visiting off-the-beaten path places, you should check out the Louxor movie theater, it’s the perfect activity for a rainy day.

Address: 170 Boulevard de Magenta, 75010

For movies and screening times, see the website: www.cinemalouxor.fr (click on “Films à l’affiche”)

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