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Les Berges – The New Face of the Riverbank

The berges (riverbanks) of the Seine, alongside the Eiffel Tower, have undergone a complete renovation. Two years ago, they used to hold a busy road, full of traffic leaving Paris towards the north-west of the city. They are now play a different role, part of Mayor Delanoë’s plan to reclaim the urban landscape.

This part of the riverbank is now 100% pedestrianized, and les berges are now a major public space, with 2.3 kilometers of bars, restaurants, activities and exhibitions for everyone! From gardening to hip hop classes, les berges is the new place-to-be, and definitely somewhere to check out if you’re in town for a visit and the weather’s nice!

Kid Friendly

Your kids will love what’s on offer at les berges. Not only is there a children’s climbing wall, games and a giant blackboard to draw on, but birthday boys and girls can reserve a special tee-pee for free, and host a party with their friends!


Teens won’t be able to complain either, as there are free hip hop classes on this month. The sporty among them will also love the fitness trail that stretches all the way down the riverbank! You’ll see that there are regular street performers: when I was there the other weekend, for example, there were professional rollerbladers showing off their routines to great music!


What about grown-ups? If you’re looking to burn some of those croissant-calories, why not try one of the free exercise classes, such as speed coaching, or open-air zhumba?

For those of you looking for some peace and quiet, you can rent one of the “Zzz” boxes: renovated shipping containers with glass walls that look onto the Seine, designed for people to relax in (read a book, play games, sleep) and take some time out from the busy world outside. Alternatively you could find your inner peace on the “zen platform” or improve your tan on the floating gardens (their gentle rocking is very soothing)!

Les Berges, Paris
Metro: Pont de l’Alma, Invalides, Musée d’Orsay
Website: http://lesberges.paris.fr/

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