Easy Pasta al Pomodoro Fresco E Basilico Recipe

Easy Pasta al Pomodoro Fresco E Basilico Recipe

By Silvia Costantino

The summer months are on the horizon! And in those warm months, sometimes, it’s enough to steal your hunger. So, what can you do when you fancy something quick and easy, but not just any old “something”?

It’s easy: you can enjoy some summer pasta!

Pastas like spaghetti pomodoro e basilico, pasta con pomodoro e basilico, and pomodoro fresco, are just the ticket to a delightfully fulfilling and delicious meal.

Among the many ways to eat our national dish, this is one of the most satisfying: pasta al pomodoro fresco e basilico. It’s so easy and quick that big factories can’t even replicate it properly!

In 15 minutes (tops), you will have a proper meal light enough to keep you awake during the afternoon, and good enough to want more.

Here we are! Ready?

Ingredients You Need

-12-13 oz. of pasta (spaghetti or farfalle)

-10 juicy tomatoes, medium size, red and mature

-Fresh basil (as much as you want); wash it well under cold running water, and keep it in the fridge until you use it!

-Extra Virgin Olive Oil



-A hint of chili or paprika

-1 bulb of garlic

How to Prepare It

While the water for the pasta is boiling, start cutting your tomatoes into medium-sized cubes.

Pour the oil in a large frying pan; it should be enough to cover the whole surface, but not too much that is covers the ingredients.

When the oil is warm, turn down the flame, and add the garlic. Add the garlic in one piece, unpeeled (as we say, it’s “in camicia,” or, in its shirt). You don’t have to wait until the garlic becomes golden; immediately add the tomato cubes.

Keep the flame very low. Cover the pan, leaving a small opening (you can do it by putting the wooden spoon between pan and cover – be careful with the fire though!).

Move your sauce with your wooden spoon from time to time, and add a pinch of salt. If you’re afraid the tomatoes are too bitter, then add a bit of sugar too!

Meanwhile, as your water is bubbling, add salt and then boil your pasta according to the time on the package. (Remember! Set the timer a minute to a minute and a half earlier.) You will also cook the pasta in the tomato sauce.

Enjoy a glass of red wine (a light one, you still want to be awake in the afternoon!), and wait these eleven minutes by listening to a favorite song or two.

When the time has come, drain the water and pour the pasta immediately into the sauce. Then, taste it (now is the last possible moment to add salt if missing!), and remove the garlic.

Mix well until the pasta is a reddish color, and then put it in the dishes and cover with fresh basil leaves. Add pepper (pro tip: green pepper tastes better on it), and serve warm.

Buon appetito!

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