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The Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Our mission is to provide safe, fun and unforgettable experiences through superior customer service that creates memories and smiles that last a lifetime.

All of our tours have been designed with you, our guest, in mind.

Rome, “The eternal city”, is famous for its emperors and gladiators, for its food and people, for the movies and the monuments. Everywhere you look in Rome there is beauty, from the cascading ivy wrapped around the ancient ruins of the Roman forum, to the majesty of St Peter’s Basilica, from the intricate magnificence of the Trevi Fountain to the stone-cold splendor of the Pantheon. Shadow-hop through the heat on our family-friendly bike tours, be above the crowds on our Segway Tours or contact us about Private Tours of any description. You’ll find yourself having lunch on a piazza beside a 2000 year old temple and still be more fascinated by what you receive on the plate and who is serving it you, because underneath the chaotic beauty of Rome is an energy defined by its people. The intention to live in the moment, to be fun and full of life.

So who better to show you around Rome than our smiling, charming team of locals?

Join us on a tour and let our amazing professional guides frame the context of the incredible magic of Rome.

Liam Rogers, Italy General Manager

Insider’s Rome

Meet Our Team

Our staff is what makes Fat Tire Tours, Rome unique! We would love to introduce you to our unique an eclectic team members. They are the true stars of the show, making Rome come alive for you with their unique perspectives and insider’s tips. Get to know your guide and get ready for a local’s take on the Ancient City.

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Our Core Values

Excellence defines our daily commitment.

Fun is our main ingredient.

Unforgettable experiences deliver memories that last a lifetime.

Authentic connections build genuine relationships.

Professionalism demands consistent character and integrity.

Travel Green

Sustainable Rome

We love our city, and we want to preserve it for generations to come so that more people can fall in love with it too. That’s why we’ve conducted an audit of our business practices to ensure that we’re doing everything we can to be as sustainable as possible. We’re not perfect, but we are putting in the work to improve.

We want to be transparent with our guests about our sustainability goals. We are aware of areas where we’re already acting in an eco-conscious manner as well as where we have room for improvement. We have created goals for ourselves to work towards in the next year and in the next five years. We hope that you will take the time to read more about what we’re doing to keep Rome green, and we can’t wait to show you around our naturally beautiful city.

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