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Parisian Gift Guide: Fabulously French gifts

From Paris with Love,

You’re having your dream holiday in the City of Lights, so it’s only natural that you want to buy something for those loved-ones back at home. And while a novelty beret might seem like a fun idea, the truth is that it will probably end up living in the closet. As for a “I HEART Paris” shirt… well, it’s more of a reminder that they didn’t get to go. So here are a few suggestions for unique and memorable presents to show that special someone that you didn’t forget them.

The key word is personal, because there’s nothing nicer than getting a present – regardless of the price – that really says “I’m thinking about you.”

Personalized Jewelry

Lily Garden is a new jewelry boutique by the Jardin des Plantes. Everything is hand-made, and they hold workshops where they help you create a unique piece of jewelry. They also have the most beautiful hair pieces, a great present idea for a little girl. Some hand-made sparkle definitely beats that beret, right?


Such a simple idea, and yet so meaningful. Walk on past those generic postcard stalls, and take your own! If your friend really loves cooking, you could snap away at a Parisian food market. Or if your colleague is a huge cabaret fan, why not go up to the Moulin Rouge and take a photo for her? Get the photos printed at one of the many printing stores (not expensive either), and voilà! A guaranteed smile when they open the mailbox. If you’re not familiar with Paris, take your camera on a walking tour, and you’ll be out of memory space in no time!

Say it with Scent

Treat a loved-one with a personalized bottle of perfume from Paris. The Studio du Parfum runs workshops where they help you choose from hundreds of different scents in order to create a unique fragrance. This would also be a great gift to yourself!

Second-Hand Surprises

Whether it be a book you bought on the banks of the river Seine or a stunning candlestick from the flea market at Clignancourt, vintage presents add a little touch of history to a gift. There’s something so romantic about illegible notes scribbled in the margins of a novel, or knowing that your present came from a 15th-century chateau in Normandy. Ideal for those who love history and a good story.

What better Parisian gift than the gift of exploring Paris itself! We have gift certificates available for sale in various price amounts on our site for those visiting the city.

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