La Sciscetta or Schiscia: The Italian Boxed Lunch

In Italy, a vast majority of people agree: the actual New Year’s Eve is the last day of August. Your holidays are over, and you come back to work in September. School also starts again in September.

No more long lunches, but just quick sandwiches at the nearest bar or diner. Or maybe not; maybe you can buy a Tupperware or a plastic bento box, and fill it every day with something that will cheer up your lunch break!

In Italy, not long ago, we started doing this. Over the past few years, though, there’s this word spreading all around: it’s the Schiscetta (pronounced “Skishètta”), the Milanese way to say “I bring my food from home.”

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It’s unclear whether the word indicated the actual lunch box or the concept. Regardless, Schiscetta, or schiscia, has gone big in Italy. It’s quite a revolution. If you have time, or someone cooking for you, you can have delicious lunches and spend less money, too.

Originally made with the leftovers of your last dinner, Schiscetta has become an art. If you don’t want to use leftovers, you can enjoy the art of improvisation, and start creating some great and light meals to give you the right energy for a workday.

Of course, the Schiscetta super fans are usually also social addicts; have a look at the Schiscetta hashtag on Instagram for some great inspiration.

Here are some examples of classic schiscetta:

-Couscous with vegetables (and occasionally grilled chicken breast)

-Salad with tomatoes, tuna, and mozzarella

-Pasta salad to eat cold and keep in the fridge

-Any rice dish

-Frittata (you can go fancy and have a frittata roll!)

-Anything involving boiled eggs and salad

-Barley salads (with olives, tomatoes, feta cheese or mozzarella)

So, join us in the Schiscetta frenzy, invent your own recipes, mix everything up (okay, maybe not everything)!

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