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Best Places to Party in Paris

The weather outside is frightful, at least here in Paris. However, the one advantage of winter is shorter days and longer nights, meaning more time to party. Paris’ nightlife scene may not be as well known as Berlin’s or New York’s, but it definitely has plenty of places to get your groove on.

Unlike in the US, where many bars close at 2 or maybe 3, Paris’s party scene only really gets going when the clock strikes midnight. If you happen to be on the dance floor before that – assuming the club is even open – you might be the only one dropping it like it’s hot. Our best advice? Take a nap and head out late to these spots, and prepare to take the first metro home. However, for those not up for an all-nighter, we also have tips.

Bus Palladium
6, rue Fontaine, 75009

This club was once the spot for rocking out in the 1960s and it hasn’t lost its retro vibe since then – from its fabric walls and cushy chairs to the large disco ball dangling from the ceiling. Most of the music tracks are rock inspired, so if you’re looking to get away from Euro-techno, you’ll find relief here.

Rex Club
5 Boulevard Poissonnière, 75002

The Rex is the place to go if all you really want to do is dance. You’d be kidding yourself if you thought you could hold any type of decent conversation in this place, but hey, that’s what regular bars are for, right? The Rex epitomizes the classic Parisian club: underground, a booming base, sweaty dancing and a line out the door to get in. The dance floor only fills up after midnight so best to rest before and make a night of it.

Barrio Latino
46 Rue du Faubourg, St Antoine, 75011

A sultry red interior, complete with velvet ceilings, meets you at this multi-story club in the happening Bastille neighborhood. Barrio Latino is a haven for Latin music lovers and anyone looking for a peppy, caliente night out. The club is only open until 2am so if you can’t afford to spend the next day recuperating, this might be the night spot for you.

Alimentation Générale
64 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011

If all-nighters aren’t your thing, make a stop at this casual, neighborhood bar in the east of Paris. Wooden picnic tables give it a convivial vibe, and you’ll probably get chatting to the folks sitting next to you before the music gets going. But once it does – from Afro beat to Jazz Manouche to Swing – everyone is up on their feet, turning most of the bar into a dance floor.

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