The Most Romantic Places in Paris

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by Anne McCarthy

There’s just something special about Paris. Well, to be frank, there are a great many special and magical things about the city of Paris. But that certain je ne sais quoi quality the city enjoys may be attributed to its reputation as being a very romantic city. As American poet T.S. Eliot wisely said: “The chief danger about Paris is that it is such a strong stimulant.”

Paris is a city full of romance, mystery, and desire. It’s a place that celebrates the pleasures of life, like incredible food, delicious wine, high fashion, world-renowned art, and more. If you’re keen to explore Paris in depth, let us at Fat Tire Tours Paris show you around this town in style!

Paris, Eiffel Tower Tours, Champagne Cruise And Eiffel Tower, Champ Cruise + Et Hero, Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Tours-Champagne-Cruise-And-Eiffel-Tower-Paris-Etchamp-Couple-View-Sunset.

Our Paris Night Bike Tour is one of our most romantic and thrilling tours. You’ll journey through Paris at its most beautiful time – in the evening – and enjoy a boat ride down the Seine. For those craving a longer, more far-flung adventure, sign up for our Versailles Bike Tour for the journey of a lifetime. You’ll get to experience the wild magic of the Versailles Palace up close and personal, with an expert guide leading the way.

Floating along the Seine while looking at the sparkling Eiffel Tower (on the Paris Night Bike Tour) and roaming around the home of kings and queens (on the Versailles Bike Tour) are top of the list for romantic locales in and around Paris. Here are a few more we might suggest if you’re looking for somewhere to go to up the romance factor on your visit to the City of Light. Whether you’re flying solo or with your partner, if you want some romantic vibes for your journey, find them at these places.

Enjoy the Sculpture Garden at the Rodin Museum

The Rodin Museum (Musée Rodin) is one of the best-kept semi-secrets in Paris. Sure, it’s in the guidebooks, but the Rodin Museum isn’t usually top of the list on most people’s must-dos in Paris. However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share with you how delightful, charming, and romantic this museum is. Visit the garden and walk together with your love to soak up all the unique, arty vibes found here. It’s a stunning place full of artistic masterpieces built to inspire.

Address: 77 Rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris

Sculpture at the Rodin Museum in Paris with an open window nearby

Have a Picnic at Canal Saint-Martin

The lovely Canal Saint-Martin is a picturesque and charming place that’s perfect for enjoying some romantic vibes. Pick up some wine and picnic supplies from a local grocery shop and boulangerie and bring them over by Canal Saint-Martin for an idyllic romantic moment of a picnic by the canal. Finish off your adventure by strolling through the streets of Paris hand in hand with your person.

Address: Quai de Jemmapes – 75010 Paris

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Stroll Along the Pont Alexandre III Bridge

Pont (“bridge”) Alexandre III is one of the most famous, ornate, stunning bridges in all of Paris. It also features in romantic scenes in films like Midnight in Paris, and it’s the perfect spot for creating some memorable romantic moments (perhaps you’re planning a European proposal?) with your love. This elegant and awe-inspiring bridge is an excellent setting for whispering sweet nothings, taking breathtaking photos together, or just taking in the beautiful view of Paris. Visit at nighttime for an extra-special romantic vibe with the Eiffel Tower nearby and glowing in the moonlight.

Paris Alexandre III bridge with tourists on the bridge taking photos

The Eiffel Tower

And speaking of the Eiffel Tower…It doesn’t get much more iconic than the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Built in 1887, this 324-meter-high monument engineered by Gustave Eiffel serves as a global symbol of Paris and inspires many lovers to come kiss beneath it. Given that it’s the most recognizable symbol in the most romantic city in the world, The Eiffel Tower has seen a number of proposals and countless kisses. If you want to make this spot extra-romantic, go at night, when the Eiffel Tower lights up the sky, dazzling with sparkling, glittering lights that will make your heart sing.

Paris, Eiffel Tower Tours, Summit Eiffel Tower, Extras, Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Tours-Summit-Eiffel-Tower-Paris-Et-Summit-Rpmance.

If you want a memorable experience at the Eiffel Tower, book our Small Group Eiffel Tower Summit Tour with Reserved Entry. You’ll get priority access to the Tower, along with a knowledgeable and friendly tour guide who will speak on the history of this famous monument in a small and intimate group setting.

Address: Champ de Mars, 5 Av. Anatole France, 75007 Paris

Soak up the Romance on Pont des Arts

Oh la la, Pont des Arts! This very famous bridge was built between 1801 and 1804, and it was the first iron bridge in Paris. It’s also called “The Love Lock Bridge.” However, you won’t find locks there anymore. On June 1, 2015, all the love locks – left by lovers as a tribute to their relationship – were removed from the bridge due to putting too much weight on it and thus putting the bridge in a precarious position.

Before they were taken down, couples from all over the world would take a padlock and affix it to parts of the bridge to commemorate the moment and the romantic time spent in Paris. Honor the practice (and the romantic history of the bridge) by strolling along it and enjoying the gorgeous views of Paris.

Roam the Secret Garden in Square Saint-Gilles Grand-Veneur

Who doesn’t love a secret garden? In the Marais, just off Rue Hesse, there’s a hidden gem of a tucked-away secret garden in Square Saint-Gilles Grand-Veneur. The garden here has been called “bewitching,” and it has been suggested that it’s so utterly romantic and beautiful that it might even cast a love spell over you and your partner. This garden was formerly the private garden of a 17th-century mansion, l’Hotel du Grand-Veneur. Sit on one of the garden’s benches for a dreamy moment with your paramour.

Address: 9 rue du Grand Veneur – 75003 Paris

Anne McCarthy
 is the Editor in Chief of the Fat Tire Tours Blog. She is a contributing writer to the BBC, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Wired, and many more. She splits her time between the U.S. and Europe.

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