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Berlin, Adult Cruiser - City Bike Rental, Hero Sliders, Berlin-Adult-Cruiser-City-Bike-Rental-Hero-Large-Bike-Rental-1.
Berlin, Highlights Bike Tour, Hero Slider, Berlin-Highlights-Bike-Tour-Hero-Large-Highlight-Tour1.
Berlin, Food Tour By Bike, Hero Sliders, Berlin-Food-Tour-By-Bike-Hero-Large-Food-Tour3.
Berlin, Adult Cruiser - City Bike Rental, Highlights, Berlin-Adult-Cruiser-City-Bike-Rental-Bike-Rental3.
Two people hold hands while riding through the Tiergarten in Berlin, Germany
A pint of beer, a pretzel, and bikes
Bikes lined up in front of the Fat Tire Tours office in Berlin, Germany
The Fat Tire Tours office in Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Adult Cruiser - City Bike Rental, Highlights, Berlin-Adult-Cruiser-City-Bike-Rental-Bike-Rental5.

Berlin Adult Cruiser/City Bike Rental from Alexanderplatz

Berlin is great for bikes!  For those wishing to explore the German capital on your own, Fat Tire has the right bike for you!  Our Cruiser and City-style Bikes are perfect for cruising around the city.  They come with comfortable seats, easy to use gears, and of course are super stylish!

Pick up your bike anytime from 9:30am onwards and keep it until the same time the following day – a full 24 hours.  Or, receive a discounted rate when you hold onto your bike after joining us for a tour or keeping it for multiple days.

Rental Details

What’s Included
  • Beach cruiser or City-style bike with easy gears and comfy seat
  • Helmet (available, but not required)
  • Free use of WiFi in our shop
  • Bag & Luggage storage while you’re riding
  • Luggage straps available to carry smaller items on the bike
Good to Know
  • Rented bikes can be returned any time during our opening hours. If you would like to return bikes outside of our opening hours, an additional charge of €5 per bike will be applied.
  • Reservations for rental bikes are highly recommended.  Don’t risk showing up to a sold-out shop- our bike rentals have the same no-hassle 24-hour cancellation policy so you can book without hesitation.
  • You will get an instant confirmation after booking online- just start by selecting your pick-up date, number of bikes, and how long you would like to keep them.
  • Reserved bikes are ready starting at 9:30am, so you can pick up anytime that day starting bright and early.
  • The longer you keep your bike the more of a discount you get.  Once you have your bike, feel free to keep it longer and just pay the difference whenever you return.  It’s that easy- just please note our shop’s opening and seasonal hours for when you can pick up and return bikes.
  • Biking with kids?  We have a full range of kid’s bikes and equipment at regular rental prices.  Additionally we have kids seats starting at €4/day and tag-a-longs start at €7/day.  Just note in the comments during your booking what you would like to reserve and we will confirm with you by email.
  • We think you deserve all 24 hours of a day, so a “Day Rental” for us means 24 hours.  That means if you pick up your bikes at 10am, then a one day rental covers you until 10am the following day.
  • Our staff is multi-lingual and happy to help you in any way possible when you pick up your bike.

Things to See

Berlin, Private City Tour, Highlights, Berlin-Private-City-Tour-Pcity-Tour-Berlin-Wall.
1The Berlin Wall
Berlin, Private Highlights Tour, Highlights, Berlin-Private-Highlights-Tour-Phighlights-Tour-Reichstag.
2The Reichstag
Berlin, City Segway Tour, Highlights, Berlin-City-Segway-Tour-City-Segway-Alexanderplatz.
Berlin, Private Berlin Segway Tour, Highlights, Private-Berlin-Segway-Tour-Psegway-Checkpoint-Charlie.
4Checkpoint Charlie
Berlin, Attractions, East Side Gallery, Berlin-East-Side-Gallery-Slider5.
5Eastside Gallery
Berlin, Attractions, Brandenburg Gate, Berlin-Brandenburg-Gate-Slider2.
6The Brandenburg Gate

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