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Best Nightlife Spots to Check Out in Munich

Best Nightlife Spots to Check Out in Munich

 By Anne McCarthy

When it comes to having fun, Munich has much to boast about. After all, it’s where over 6 million people travel annually with the sole purpose in mind of having fun at Oktoberfest.

But if you’re not in the area for Oktoberfest (September – early October), it doesn’t mean that you’ve missed your chance for some shenanigans in the city. There are tons of options for fun-having in Munich. Here are some of our favorites:

LUX Bar is one of Fat Tire Tours’ favorite Munich spots. This “cozy yet luxurious” bar is in central Munich, and it’s perfect for a night out with friends or a date with a new beau. LUX Bar even has a bell to ring for champagne. Does it get more luxe than that?

Address: Ledererstraße 13, 80331 Munich

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Augustiner-Keller regularly ranks high on the “best of” lists for Munich bars and nightlight. A brewery owns this beer garden/restaurant, so they practice what they preach – making, serving, and promising good beer! Augustiner-Keller also serves delicious Bavarian dishes, so you won’t go hungry here.

Address: Arnulfstraße 52, 80335

The Zephyr Bar is another favorite of locals and visitors. This cocktail bar will have you struggling to make a decision on which cocktail to choose because, with drink names like Rainbow Track, Jupiter Disco, and Two Leg Flamingo, they all sound equally appealing. This cocktail bar, like many in Munich, opens on the later side, at 8 pm.

Address: Baaderstraße 68, 80469 Munich

The Terrace is a hot-spot rooftop bar in Munich, on top of the Mandarin Oriental hotel, with stunning views of the historic city center. If you’re looking for some Instagram-able moments in Munich, this is your place to be.

Address: Neuturmstraße 1, 80331 Munich

If you want a more rowdy, party-like atmosphere, you must head to Don’t Call Mama, Munich’s Dionysian place for drinks, dancing, and reveling in a good time. As their website boasts, Don’t Call Mama is known for creating a level of fun you wouldn’t want your mother, “mama,” to know about. The DJ here will likely be spinning your favorite tracks from the 90s and early 2000s, and you’ll be dancing so hard you’ll barely notice the sun is up and it’s time to head home.

Address: Schellingstraße 45, 80799 Munich

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If you want to continue the nightclub element, head to Call me Drella, a popular Munich nightclub that is known for having bartenders and servers who really stand out, thanks to their costumes and eye-catching makeup. If you’re looking to something different –something to write home about – Call me Drella is your best bet. (You can reserve a table on their website.)

Address: Maximilianspl. 5, 80333 Munich

Milla is a music venue in Munich, where you’ll find a wide range of performers and artists blessing your ears with some sweet tunes. The full Milla calendar of events and shows can be found on their website. This hip and happening musical paradise is known for featuring underground acts and lesser-known musicians. So, you can catch the greats as their star is rising! Rock, indie, hip hop, and jazz music are all on the menu here.

Address: Holzstraße 28, 80469 Munich

Atomic Café is a nightclub/disco/cocktail bar – it has it all! This Munich watering hole-meets-dance club will have you kicking up your heels and enjoying the night for hours.

Address: Neuturmstraße 5, 80331 Munich

Ksar Club is a popular bar/lounge in the city, known for being trendy, and a go-to spot. DJs here pump out tunes, bartenders shake up enticing cocktails, and Ksar’s ambiance is perfect for the start or end of the night. It’s known for its friendly atmosphere, and it’s less club-y than others on this list. Ksar often hosts events on the weekends as well.

Address: Müllerstraße 31, 80469 Munich

Americanos is where you should head if you like dancing on tables. Yes, here, at this Mexican-style bar, it is most known for its patrons hopping up onto the tables or bars where they’ve been sipping their drink, and shaking it like a Polaroid picture. If dancing and being center stage is your thing, then, by all means, hit Americanos. You were born to be there.

Address: Atelierstraße 12, 81671 Munich

Another favorite of ours is Schuhmann’s Les Fleurs du Mal, an inviting and cozy cocktail bar with a menu full of tempting options.

Address: Odeonspl. 6 – 7, 80539 Munich

And, our ultimate favorite thing for Munich nightlight is to hop on the Munich Night Bike Tour. Hit the tour first, then the bars after! This tour will have you exploring the city in one of the best ways – on a seat with two pedals, zipping around town and discovering corners of the city you wouldn’t see otherwise.


On the Munich Night Bike Tour, your guide will lead you around some local neighborhoods in the city, get a taste of the Munich’s river-island beach culture, watch the sunset over the city on Parliament House Hill, and even do a stop at a German beer garden, to set the stage for your night ahead. You’ll also get to see Munich’s Opera House, the Munich Residenz, Luftwaffe headquarters, St. Michael’s Church, Marienplatz, and more.

Some reminders for nights out in Munich: tipping at bars is not necessary or expected, but you may do so if you wish! Consider brushing up on some basic German phrases for ordering your drink, and checking out your transportation plan in advance. Munich has an excellent public transportation system, and cabs will also be readily available at night. If you’re traveling alone, though, consider skipping the public transport and opt for a cab instead.

Wherever the night takes you, and no matter how many German beers you drink, a night spent in Munich will be a memorable one.

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