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The Roman Pantheon, name derived from a Greek word referring to "the temple of all gods," is one of the greatest surviving structures from Ancient Roman times, completed in 128 A.D. Its colossal dome of uninforced concrete is an engineering feat in itself that has yet to be replicated. Modern engineers and historians have yet to deduce how the materials, such as the columns weighing 60 tons each, were transported and put in place by the ancient engineers. The original structure is believed to have featured bronze decorations which were reportedly (and very controversially) taken and used for the grand baldachin inside St. Peter's Basilica, although archaeologists have yet to confirm this theory. 

Unlike many other Ancient Roman sites that have fallen to the perils of neglect, vandalism, and mother nature: the Pantheon is one of the best-preserved monuments in the world. This is mostly due to the fact that it has never fallen out of use - it has functioned as a church since the 7th century and still hosts a weekly Sunday mass to this day. Stepping inside this grand dome is best experienced on a day with plenty of sunlight, something Rome is luckily not short of, to witness the light streaming in from the oculus atop the dome. We stop by this 1,900 year old dome during our Sunset Walking Tour where your tour guide will fill you in on the most interesting features of its interior, including the Tomb of Raphael. 


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