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The Ultimate Guide for Paris’s Best Macarons

The Ultimate Guide for Paris’s Best Macarons

What do you get when you sandwich sweet ganache, jelly or buttercream filling between two crispy egg white, sugar and vanilla biscuits? The famous French macaron! You might be familiar with the North American macaroon, but this delicacy is completely different. An absolute must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth.

The macaron is a piece of art and, although the ingredients sound simple, creating the perfect texture is no easy feat. The shell has to be subtly crunchy, giving way to the creamy filling. Flavors range from traditional pistachio, chocolate and rose to creative combinations such as coriander and mango, absinthe and even foie gras!

woman holding pink macaron in her hand

The French are very demanding about their macarons – and why shouldn’t they be? Keeping the quality high is what gives the macaron its reputation. So, don’t let yourself be disappointed by a below-par dessert, and put these mouth-watering bakeries and tea rooms on your Paris to-do list. In fact, it would be best to treat yourself to macarons on March 20th, the day of the macaron! Le Jour du Macaron began in Paris with Pierre Hermé and now has numerous cities participating. What makes this day special is that for every donation made to the chosen charity of the year, a macaron is offered for free. Last year more than €50,000 was raised!

French macarons on a café table



Let’s get the elephant out of the room and start with the grand-daddy of all pâtisseries, Ladurée, which is on a not-so-stealth mission to take over the world. It has a cult following but, predictably, there are many who say that it’s over-rated. You’ll just have to go, queue, and judge for yourself!

Pierre Hermé


The Parisian’s favorite pâtisserie, Pierre Hermé is the go-to tea shop for those who find Ladurée over-commercialized. Famous for their unusual combinations such as white truffle, and the picture-perfect rose with raspberries, you’ll understand why there’s always a line outside…

Jean-Paul Hévin


Known predominantly as a chocolatier, Jean-Paul Hévin also makes delicious macarons. Combine both specialities and try the chocolate flavor for sugary heaven.

Sadaharu Aoki


The more experimental among you – and those who prefer less sweet flavors – absolutely have to visit Sadaharu Aoki for their Japanese-fusion macarons. A favorite is matcha (green tea) but we’ve heard that black sesame is excellent too. As for the wasabi macaron, well, you tell us!

Hugo et Victor


The general concensus is that Hugo and Victor’s macarons are more subtle than those of other pâtisseries. For some, this means a lack of flavor, for others it’s a nice break from the typical super-sweet macarons. Try the combawa, or kiffir lime, flavor. Just so you know, photography is not allowed in the store.

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