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Like most great cities, the origins of Barcelona are lost in the mists of time. Whether it was actually founded by Hercules as the myth suggests is anyone’s guess, what we can be certain of is that over the centuries Barcelona has become one of the most beautiful and interesting cities the world over. Whether your interests lay in art, architecture, history, food, football or laying on the beach, the capital of Catalonia is ready to welcome you with open arms.

Spain’s most visited city is like nowhere else on earth. Its position on the Mediterranean coupled with its award winning architecture is bound to leave a mark on even the most seasoned visitor, and no one can come to Barcelona without being confronted by the truly breathtaking work of Spain’s most notable architect, Antoni Gaudi. His work litters the city and is generally described as reason enough for a visit. The monumental and unfinished Sagrada Familia with its symbolism and staggering intricacies is still being worked on today, almost 150 years after it began. The inspiration of nature is alive in Gaudi’s work, and a trip to his home and the surrounding Park Guell is an amazing way to step back from street level and be surrounded by the work of the great man and the scenery that inspired it, coupled with beautiful views of the city below. No trip to Barcelona is complete without a little bit of Gaudi.

Las Rambla is not only the city’s main thoroughfare, it is its beating heart. Tree lined and pedestrianised, it is the perfect place to wander and soak in the atmosphere. As the most visited street in Spain, there are certainly establishments that may be described as ‘touristy’, but the spirit of the city still flourishes amongst the markets and side street eateries. It is no wonder that the famed poet Federico Garcia Lorca once famously stated that ‘La Rambla is the only street in the world which I wish would never end’.

Barcelona is a city of many faces, and any sports fan worth their salt knows that Barcelona is famed for its commitment and success in ‘The Beautiful Game’. Football is like a religion for most Europeans, and Catalonians are no different. Barcelona FC are one of the premier teams in the world and their stadium, Camp Nou, is the largest football stadium in Europe and fourth largest in the world. Anyone interested in the sport or the almost endless list of famous players that have worn the Barcelona uniform would be remiss to let the opportunity to pay the stadium a visit pass them by.

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When you have had your fill of art, architecture and the 55+ museums Barcelona has to offer, you’ll no doubt want to spend some quality time indulging in some of the city’s famed tapas. These small dishes are the perfect way to get the full flavor of the area. Usually served with drinks and shared amongst your party, tapas might be the most sociable form of eating anywhere in Europe. With the Mediterranean on the door step and the rolling countryside of Catalonia just beyond the city limits, ingredients here are as fresh as they come. Added to the phenomenal wines of the region, there is no reason why every meal in Barcelona cannot be a gastronomical delight. To quote the late, great Anthony Bourdain, “You’d be hard pushed to find anything better than Barcelona for food."

Barcelona may not be THE capital of Spain, but it is a capital of world culture. One of the only major cities in Europe which is built on the beach, you can spend your mornings lazing in the sun, your afternoons being wowed by art, take an early evening walk up Montjuic to marvel in the view of the sunset over the medediterranean sea, and then wrap up your evening with great food. What’s not to love?

What are the Best Things to See and Do in Barcelona, Spain?

Create unforgettable memories by exploring the incredible architecture and fascinating history of Barcelona! Experience the best of Barcelona by accompanying our local guides through this extraordinary city’s top attractions. 

Effortlessly stroll across a mesmerizing hillside on our Montjuïc E-Bike Tour, which takes you through an area known for hosting legendary events such as the 1992 Summer Olympics and 1929 International Exposition. Montjuïc is rich in history and features a 17th-century castle along with an Olympic Stadium and several museums to visit while enjoying awe-inspiring panoramic views of the harbor and city below.

Visit Barcelona Attractions on a Fat Tire Bike, Segway, or Walking Tour

Cycle through the city on a Barcelona City Bike Tour (4 hours) that takes you to must-see attractions such as the magnificent La Catedral and the breathtaking greenery of Parc de la Ciutadella.

Experience the city’s fascinating nightlife on our Barcelona Night Bike Tour, where you’ll learn about Barcelona’s rich history while visiting beautiful areas such as Plaça St Jaume and the Old Port of Barcelona followed by a stop at a local tapas bar to sample classic Spanish cuisine!

Complete your trip by learning about Barcelona’s favorite architect, Antoni Gaudi, on our Gaudí Bike Tour with Skip-the-Line Sagrada Família Ticket. This tour is the perfect way to beat the crowds and see many of Gaudi’s astounding works such as the legendary cathedral known as La Sagrada Família. Explore the city and learn why Gaudi’s architecture is so highly regarded!

When booking a Fat Tire Tours Barcelona tour, you’re also getting:

  • A guided tour led by English-speaking locals knowledgeable about Barcelona’s history and quirks
  • A fun, safe and adventurous way to sightsee in Barcelona
  • Different time options that cater to your travel schedule
  • Comfortable group sizes

Other Must-See Attractions in Barcelona

We also offer tours for travelers with specific interests!

  • Food fanatics can enjoy authentic local cuisine and rich culture on the Barcelona Night Tapas Tour with Flamenco Show, which takes you to some of the best tapas bars in the city and ends the evening with an incredible flamenco show in a 17th-century palace.
  • Sightseers on a time crunch can hit the city’s highlights on our Barcelona Segway Tour (2 hours), where you’ll enjoy beautiful views of Barcelona’s famous waterfront while learning about the role of the Mediterranean Sea in the local culture. 
  • History buffs will love the Welcome to Barcelona Walking Tour, which takes you on a carefully crafted route through the Gothic Quarter showcasing areas intimately connected with the story of Barcelona and concludes with a sailboat cruise that offers amazing views of the city’s coastline. 

 See Fat Tire Tours’ entire selection of tours and activities in Barcelona here!

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Click below to download your own map of Barcelona cycle lanes! Barcelona is a great city for bikes, and this map will help you plan out your own itinerary should you wish to go it alone.  

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