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Best Aperitivo in Milan, Italy

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Weather is getting good here in Italy, and aperitivo time is just at its best! Finally, tables can be outside, and there is sunlight until 7 pm! It’s a great joy for all the locals here who wait for the moment when they can enjoy their evening drinks outdoors.

While in Italy, keep your eyes open! You can find the best aperitivo in Milan by looking at the crowd outside the bar. In case you want to be sure you hit the right places, here is a short list for Milan!

Right in the middle of Milanese nightlife, you’ll find plenty of places where you can have an aperitivo. This street, called Naviglio Grande, can be crowded and it might look hard to find the right place! At Mag Cafè, you’ll find a cozy, hipster and welcoming atmosphere. It is one of the hippest bars where you can have aperitivo and in one of the coolest places in Milan! Navigli is also one of the destinations on our tours! Check out all Milan Tours with us!

Bar basso is one of the oldest bars in Milan, where the famous Negroni Sbagliato was invented. The place still holds the charm of the past, and also the sparkle of the contemporary way of Italian life. The neighborhood itself is nothing particularly impressive, but the bar has something special!

This place used to be an old Cascina, and still has the same structure. Only now, it stands in the middle of a residential area of the city! Here, the hard-working people from Milan gather at aperitivo time for some chatting outdoors. They don’t serve a buffet for the aperitivo, but you can get great cocktails and ask for a tagliere (dish of cold cuts and cheese). (If you still don’t know what a tagliere is, it is time you join us for a food tour in Milan, check it out!)

In the fantastic neighborhood of Brera (one of our favorite tours destinations), you can find tons of exciting places, so let your heart guide you! My heart usually brings me here: beautiful wine bottles and big wide tables that can host big groups of friends. Now, to speak about the location: it is just cripta of what used to be a church! I love Italy when it mixes history and contemporary traditions.

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